883 adjectives to describe piece

but he learned a little piece of wisdom by that cuff that sent him down the bank, and got a little insight into the nater of an angry bear.

The fair was held in a large square piece of ground in one of the suburbs, set apart for that purpose; and on each of its four sides a long low building, or rather roof, supported on massy white columns, extended about six hundred yards in length, and was thirty yards wide.

Next this, the broken pieces of a china bowl and what looked like the torn remnants of some very fine lace.

Take a leg of mutton half-roasted, when it is cold cut it in thin pieces as you would do any other meat for hashing, put it into a stew-pan with a little water or small gravy, two or three spoonfuls of claret, two or three shalots shred, or onions, and two or three spoonfuls of oyster pickle; thicken it up with a little flour, and so serve it up.

Instead of flat use in turn four other words in the sentence "This is a flat piece of ground"; five in the sentence "It was as flat a story as ever wearied company"; three in the sentence "The cook having forgotten the salt, the soup was flat"; four in the sentence "I am surprised by your flat refusal.

speaks of George-a-Greene as one dramatic piece, and of "The Pinner of Wakefield" as another, as if they were two distinct heroes.

As, item: a silver crucifix, very artificially wrought and set with divers gems a pretty piece!

Her house, her drawing-rooms, etc.; for the little brown aunt who lived with her was a mere piece of curious furniture.

The first two poetical pieces are apologues on marriage and the happiness that it should bring, the characters being drawn from bird life.

But, an ye seek employ, his is but a poor service, where a man shall come by harder knocks than good broad pieces.

Frequent mention was made of a certain valuable piece of property.

Then roll out as thin as paper; fold the dough and cut into round pieces; fry in deep hot lard to a golden brown.

Or you may make a list of such topics, writing each on a separate piece of paper; may jumble the slips in a hat; and may thus have always at your elbow a collection of satisfactory themes from which you may take one at random.

Those that were rounded at the ends were mellifluous; the jagged ones were harsh; the thick pieces expressed force and vigour.

Who, viewing him well, and seeing that he had a face and personage that would bear a noble fortune, and finding him otherwise of a fine spirit and winning behavior, thought she had now found a curious piece of marble to carve out an image of a Duke of York.

The troops are always received with much enthusiasm, particularly the artillery, dragging their light field-pieces and passing at a gallopalso the battalion of St. Cyr, the great French military school.

Remove the skewers, place the kidneys on a very hot dish, season with pepper and salt, and put a tiny piece of butter in the middle of each; serve very hot and quickly, and send very hot plates to table.

The Ouzel's nest is one of the most extraordinary pieces of bird architecture I ever saw, odd and novel in design, perfectly fresh and beautiful, and in every way worthy of the genius of the little builder.

It would be tedious to enumerate here all the poems of Sir Charles Sedley; let it suffice to say, that they are printed in two small volumes along with his plays, and consist of translations of Virgil's Pastorals, original Pastorals, Prologues, Songs, Epilogues, and little occasional pieces.

A sharp and barbed piece of whale's tooth fits into a hole bored in the end of the bone, and a cord of considerable length is tied to the detachable arrow head, the other end of the cord being wound around and fastened to the middle of the shaft.

This rule will apply to every preparation, as an invalid is much more likely to enjoy his food if small delicate pieces are served to him. 1847.

I even had conceived an expression to meet you with, which was thanking you for some of the most exquisite pieces of criticism I had ever read in my life.

Then followed a series of remarkable pieces of work in which Ericsson's genius showed itself, either in original invention or in the adaptation and improvement of the existing facts and material of engineering practice.

It was but a few months back Pen had longed for this watch, which he thought the most splendid and august time-piece in the world; and just before he went to college, Helen had taken it out of her trinket box and given it to Pen with a solemn and appropriate little speech respecting his father's virtues and the proper use of time.

The six great forts defending the city from the west and southwest were simply blown to pieces by the incessant pounding of Germany's great 42-centimeter guns and a host of minor pieces.

883 adjectives to describe  piece