7 adjectives to describe pincushions

I gave Henry a little pincushion, which I made on purpose for him, and not knowing what to present Fred with, I allowed him to rip open my second-best doll, which was still in quite a good state of preservation.

I saw Wilkins, all Jimville saw him; in fact, he came into the Silver Dollar when we were holding a church fair and bought a pink silk pincushion.

The sea, I thought, looked like a great purple pincushion, with a mast or two stuck in on the horizon for the pins.

Lady Kew, coming to London, attended on the party, and presented her granddaughter with a sixpenny pincushion.

"Had the ship's complement been full, they wouldn't have left as much skin on my back as would cover the smallest-sized pincushion.

There was an up-to-date corer and a plate for baking apples, a fat plush apple pincushion for the kitchen, a red apple "bank" with a slit for savings, one of the beautiful Wallace Nutting photographs of a New England apple tree in full pink and white bloom, an artistic brown basket for apples to be kept on the buffet or used for the breakfast table, and a delightful fruit bowl with an apple border.

The person of the house, dolls' dressmaker, and manufacturer of ornamental pincushions and penwipers, sat in her quaint little low arm-chair, singing in the dark, until Lizzie came back.

7 adjectives to describe  pincushions