190 adjectives to describe pities

Her eyes filled and she was moved by tender pity.

with infinite pity in their eyes; and the face of him who had given her permission to come, yet who had said no word to her to encourage her in what was against nature.

Patricia clearly perceived that, whatever had been her husband's relations with this woman, he had been manifestly entrapped into the imbroglioa victim to Mrs. Pendomer's inordinate love of attention, which was, indeed, tolerably notorious; and Patricia's anger against Rudolph Musgrave gave way to a rather contemptuous pity and a half-maternal remorse for not having taken better care of him.

continued dame Woodley, "Little the pity for him, though," interposed the woman whose weak eyes were half-hidden by her hood.

Her heart was filled with profound pity for the unfortunate child, and she gave vent to her grief in sobs and touching lamentations.

" "That is a sad pity, child.

" "It's an awful pity about old 'Thirsty,'" he would say to his brother prefects.

Such gentle pity; such a holy heart! '

If he had had patience then, that divine pity of hers might have come to help them both; but he read into her silence the abhorrence which a little earlier had possessed her soul; and the maddening pain of it drove him beyond all bounds.

The great assembly gathered to witness the triumph of France was struck with horror at the marks of suffering on his face, and Philip himself, moved by a sudden pity, called for a cloak to be spread on the ground on which the king might sit.

But he writes under the influence of a year which to him, as to Thucydides, had been filled full of indignant pity and of dire foreboding.

But the Charity which is Humanity, which is the spirit of pure pity, the Spirit of Christ and of God.

Valuable beast, you knowaltogether best team on the river," said the Boy, as if to show that his suggestion was not inspired by mere pity for the bleeding dogs.

230 To the thick woods the woolly flocks retreat, And mixed with bellowing herds confus'dly bleat; Their trembling lords the common shade partake, And cries of infants sound in every brake: The listening soldier fixed in sorrow stands, Loth to obey his leader's just commands; The leader grieves, by generous pity swayed, To see his just commands so well obeyed.

do you misinterpret these holy words: "May God, in His holy pity, pardon you for all the sins that you have committed through sight, taste, hearing, etc.?

And between her reflexions, strengthening her intention and hastening her action, there returned the real and deep sorrow she felt at the thought of losing her best friend, and the genuine pity she now felt for him, apart from the selfish consideration which had come first.

But at last he did so, and his soul was then divided between an immense pity for the grief that overwhelmed her, and a ferocious joy at the thought of the utter rout of his successful rival.

His crime shrinks to nothing compared with his misery, and severity defeats itself by exciting pity.' Richardson, in his Familiar Letters, No. 160, makes a country gentleman in town describe the procession of five criminals to Tyburn, and their execution.

The King, a blunt, straightforward man, showed the Emperor a pity involuntarily cruel.

Phil, Phil, our child will die!" Carteret's heart swelled almost to bursting with an intense pity.

"Once, in that great town below us, In a poor and narrow street, Dwelt a little sickly orphan; Gentle aid, or pity sweet, Never in life's rugged pathway Guided his poor tottering feet.

Slow at first, full of unutterable pity.

" Mrs. Delano pressed her gently to her heart, and responded in tones of tenderest pity: "Get some money and go somewhere, you poor child!

She was dreading through sheer pity what she knew to be her duty.

But each time, on hearing his sentence of death, he gave so strange a laugh that the officer examined him more closely, and then set him free, saying with scornful pity, "It is a harmless maniac.

190 adjectives to describe  pities
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