1308 adjectives to describe place

'You are perfectly right,' said Edith: 'the bankruptcy of an old friend and colleague could be no satisfaction to any man.' Hamilton Gardens was a gloomy little place, like a tenement building out of Marylebone Road.

In the winter the fire on the hearth warmed him; in the summer he had a cool resting place, and he was cheerful and merry through all the long year.

Then it changed to the lilt of "Colin's Cattle," which is an air that the fairies made, and sung in the ear of a shepherd who fell asleep in one of their holy places.

This is rather a lonely place for my men and they get dissatisfied at times.

Lord, make us abide in de secret place of de Almighty an' hoi' us close forever under de shadow of thy wing.

Our cynical friend A. QUARIUS writes us from Philadelphia, that considering the manner in which the Sunday liquor law is enforced in that city, he thinks his native place is still entitledperhaps more than ever entitled to be called the city of Rye-tangles.

Then he got a better place; but, for a time, had to bear much abuse from his master, who declared that, although he had come across many blockheads from Cumberland, George was the stupidest one of all!

He had rolled the butt of a huge tree, which he had felled, to the proper place, against which to kindle our camp-fire, and we had a pleasant place to sit, with our pipes, in the evening, looking out over the water, listening to the pile-drivers, half a dozen of which were driving their stakes along the reedy shore, with commendable diligence.

This may he the most convenient place for raising a question of leading importance to the Argument of AdonaisWho is the personage designated under the name Urania?a question which, so far as I know, has never yet been mooted among the students of Shelley.

Pull them when dry, dip the stalks about an an inch of boiling water, and seal the end with wax; chop wheat straw and put a little at the bottom of the barrel, then a layer of grapes, and a layer of straw, 'till the barrel is fill'd up; do not lie the bunches too near one another; stop the barrel close, and set it in a dry place; but not any way in the sun.

But when the spiritual conclaves of the world take place, when the things of life and death are inquired into, when words are said of the higher conduct of the life of man, if he draw near inquiringly or unguardedly to the sacred place, scholar and poet, priest, saint, and proud hand-worker alike rise up and say, Go away.

Edith agreed that she knew of no really suitable place where she could buy a new evening dress at eight-thirty on Sunday evening.

The little Pilgrim forgot all but the pity of it, and their hearts that were breaking, and the vacant place that was soon to be.

There were some good pictures, among others the "Congres de Paris," which occupies a prominent place in one of the salons, and splendid tapestries.

It remained in the minds of the midshipmen only as a pleasant recollection of a quaint and pretty place.

Faulkner told me that we were to meet the next morning half an hour after sunrise at a place in the forest a mile distant.

He did indeed surround himself with a school of disciples, but instead of making a series of desultory travels, teaching in remote places and along the high-road, he went to the heart of the evil.

That the psalms were composed under divine inspiration, and that it is well known that from the beginning of the Church they were used not only to foster the piety of the faithful, who offered "the sacrifice of praise to God, that is to say, the fruit of lips confessing to His name" (Heb. xiii. 15), butthat retaining the custom of the Old Lawthey held a conspicuous place in both the liturgy and Divine Office of the New Law.

A morning came when the Colonel, packing hurriedly in the biting cold, forgot to shove his pardner's gun into its accustomed place.

But such accidents are rarer than from the terrible appearance of the trail one would be led to expect; the more experienced when driven loose find their way over the dangerous places with a caution and sagacity that is truly wonderful.

"That's one of the adventures that I went out into the wilderness arter, and found without lookin' for it; and I've found a good many others that put me and Crop in a tight place more than once.

The front was open, and directly before it was a rough fire-place, with jams, made of small boulders, laid up with clay, regularly-fashioned, as if intended for a kitchen.

We traveled until late in the night; when upon discovering a low, deep ravine which we thought would make a comfortable and safe camping-place, we stopped for a rest.

When we were sufficiently near the ground to see that it was a fit place for landing, we opened the door, and found the air of the moon inconceivably sweet and refreshing.

And Blaen is a very solitary place!" "See!" whispered Godric, "the Duke leaveth her.

1308 adjectives to describe  place
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