12 adjectives to describe pokes

Then he gave it a little poke in the ribs, tentatively.

" "Go on, old ravencroak away!" said Charlie, giving her at the same time a facetious poke.

It was a fine day, and the young people would have enjoyed the ride in spite of the breakers ahead, if Aunt Kipp hadn't entertained the girl with a glowing account of the splendors of her own wedding, and aggravated the boy by frequent pokes and directions in the art of driving, of which she was of course, profoundly ignorant.

Thereafter he became a Nemesis to Mr. Grimes, haunting him through the jungle of chairs, and tables, pursuing him into distant corners, and shady places, where, so sure as the sausage-like finger poised itself for an interrogatory poke, or the fat, red fist doubled itself for a spring-testing punch, the innocent-seeming Adam would thereupon fall against him from the rear, sideways, or in front.

I looked at the glowing fire which was getting insufferably hot, and gave it a passionate poke, exclaiming, I wish I could stop your draught.

"Used to think old Larry was rather a slow poke but he seems to have developed into some whirlwind.

Fell Pap that what's in the spotted poke ain't nothin' that he wants.

Mewell, they're fussy about teeth, I'm told, and, of course, I had to have a swift poke in the mush that dented my beak.

I got from them some ugly pokes, They made me a regular Scot.

War isn't a bit like I thought it would be," she sighed plaintively, with a vengeful poke at the knitting, which Migwan had just restored to her.

I stopped him with a vigorous poke in the chest; but before I could whisk away the stick he had clutched it with a howl of joy.

Who is to keep Darby and Joan from settling down into two fearful old pokes?

12 adjectives to describe  pokes