313 adjectives to describe populations

Pa and the other managers were on the platform of the last car of the last section, as it pulled out across the river, at daylight, and even that early it seemed as though the whole colored population of Memphis was on the way to the park, to secure good positions, so they could receive their share of the money.

I do not know what total population Cunningham allowed for that country, nor on what principle he allotted one hundred and seventy millions of it to Buddhism; perhaps he halved his estimate of the whole, whereas Berghaus and Davids allotted to it the highest estimates that have been given of the people.

He had shown extraordinary talent in his government of the native population, and his rule had been a complete success.

CITYWARD (An editorial) To an individual who from whatever motives of personal advantage or mere curiosity has made himself an observer of current tendencies, the drift of our rural population cityward gives food for serious reflection.

They got him up off the ice, and Nicholas and the sturdy old Pymeut story-teller, Yagorsha, walked him, or ran him rather, the rest of the way to Pymeut, for they were not so near the village as the travellers had supposed on seeing nearly the whole male population.

The whole negro population of Africa is now rotten with diseases introduced by Arabs and Europeans during the last century, and such African statesmen as Sir Harry Johnston are eloquent upon the necessity of saving the blacksand the baser whitesfrom the effects of trade gin and similar alluring articles of commerce.

England, curiously enough, is almost the only country in the world where the peasant or ordinary field-worker has no field of his own; and I find that in the villages and among the general agricultural population there is even now but little enthusiasm for the present

In spite of the severe losses of the Germans, the return of the high sea fleet to Heligoland was marked by a grand ovation by the civil population.

May it not be that science, while delving among the wrecks of vanished ages, may stumble upon some new principle, or combination of the elements of which these old rocks are composed, that shall give them a value beyond that of the richest lowlands, and make them the centre of a dense and cultivated population?" "Your question," answered Spalding, "is suggestive.

The country was silent and full of thoughts,thoughts not always very agreeable,whereas there were always the humors of the little urban population to glance at, the news to be heard,all those petty matters which so often make up life in a very impoverished version for the idle man.

And talking about the difficulty of sorting out mixed populations, or of dealing with small colonies of one race embedded in the midst of another race, it is evident that once you get rid of autocratic or military or class-government of any kind, and return to democratic forms, this difficulty will be much reduced or disappear.

Compensation for the losses and damages sustained by the civilian population of the allied and associated Powers during the period in which they were at war with Germany (Art.

] CHAPTER III ~KhotenProcessions of Images~ Yu-Teen is a pleasant and prosperous kingdom, with a numerous and flourishing population.

The spokespeople for globalism began to be perceived as if they were the 15th century Catholic missionaries that preceded the Conquistadors, preparing indigenous populations for eventual colonisation.

In a scanty population, I should say it has a bad effect.

No one had ever suggested such annexation, which certainly was a far more serious thing than the annexation of Alsace-Lorraine to Germany, as there was considerable German population in Alsace-Lorraine.

It does seem to me preposterous to credit Buddhism with the whole of the vast population of China, the great majority of whom are Confucianists.

The houses are high, and many of the streets narrow and offensive, for want of cleanliness and from an immense population; such numbers are continually in the streets, that there is no quiet or good air in the town.

"If they would rather die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.

Yet, such is the state of one portion of our female population, at a time when we are calling ourselves the most polished nation on earth.

If we can take the city without much massacre, I shall think the job a good one, because no doubt the relations of the Cantonese with the foreign population were very unsatisfactory, and a settlement was sooner or later inevitable.

After Buddha attained to pari-nirvâna the kings of the various countries and the heads of the Vaisyas built vihâras for the priests, and endowed them with fields, houses, gardens, and orchards, along with the resident populations and their cattle, the grants being engraved on plates of metal, so that afterwards they were handed down from king to king, without any one daring to annul them, and they remain even to the present time.

I submit that there is every motive why this community, as well as the whole kingdom, should wish to preserve this industrious population in health and in the possession of their energies.

The civilized population either perished or was reduced to slavery, and all the high grounds were added to the previous conquests of the Salians.

" CHAPTER IV THE WAY INTO PRINT Sam Cotting's General Store at Millville divided importance with Bob West's hardware store but was a more popular loafing place for the sparse population of the tiny town.

313 adjectives to describe  populations
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