224 adjectives to describe portrait

Certainly there was some of the bourgeois respect and esteem for a good education in the fairly cordial greeting which Constance extended to Charlotte, who had painted a miniature portrait of her, a good though a flattering likeness.

He has picked up, as I believe, an authentic portrait of Shakspeare.

There were pretty little portraits, too.

As, however, during this long reign of fifty-eight years, women were the presiding geniuses of the court and the virtual directors of the kingdom, I cannot give a faithful portrait of the times without some allusion, at least, to that woman who was as famous in her day as Madame de Montespan was during the most brilliant period of the reign of Louis XIV.

Among the numerous portraits of the late CHARLES DICKENS now before the public, none are likely to be more popular than one in chromograph lately issued by PRANG & Co., of Boston and New York.

The monuments of the Romans were even more numerous than those of the Greeks, and among them some admirable portraits are found.

ASSOCIATIONS Derived from experience; especially from childish recollections (see 141); abstract ideas; cumulative ideas, like composite portraits (see also Appendix, "Generic Images," p. 229); their resemblance even in details.

No poet but Shakspeare, and scarcely Shakspeare, has set before the world so rich a gallery of female portraits.

We may see in this picture a critique of Machiavelli's Principe, which was for Campanella the very ideal portrait of a tyrant.

there is a later portrait of himself in complacent middle age surrounded by his wife and children; but I like to think that, when he spent so many days at the Palace painting the young Princess, some tenderer influence than mere artistic skill lent cunning to his brush.

(From a contemporary portrait). 88.

Matilda, resting her claim to the throne upon her legitimate descent from Henry I, who had himself usurped the thronepossessing her father's courage and daring, with some of his crueltyhaughty, vindictivefurnishes one of the most striking portraits of the proud lady of the feudal period, who shrank from no danger by reason of her sex, but made the homage of chivalry to woman a powerful instrument for enforcing her absolute will.

An intimate portrait of R. L. S. © 15Feb24, A777196.


You're a clever hand, Allerdykemost lifelike portrait I ever saw.

A handsome 12mo, | | with a splendid steel-plate portrait of Hiram Woodruff.

They are those who take part in the incidents, religious, civil, and political, of the period, and are, for the most part, both in speech and bearing, the portraits familiar to us in Mr. Froude's history.

The official couldn't forget him, because instead of a passport photo he brought a big framed portrait of his whole family with him!

The shadow on the brow, the melancholy which softened the clear hazel eye, the slightest possible compression of the mouth, said,"Destined to misfortune!" Were these actual portraits of living persons, or at least of persons who had lived?

It is pitiful to look at the magnificent portrait, still hanging in the palace where he reigned, of the child-king seated in his robes of State, the sceptre in his hand, looking with eyes of innocent wonder into the future, then to think upon the depth of degradation reached by the once revered Monarch before his body was dragged in dishonour and darkness to its last resting-place.

She had on her walls two charming oval portraits of ancestresses, possiblyfor she was uncertain as to their identitytwo of the handsome sisters whom Lamb extols.

Except some family portraits, valuable to me from their likenesses only, I could wish that every picture I ever painted was destroyed.

It is interesting to note that an extant portrait of Erasmus Darwin, Darwin's distinguished grandfather, shows a pituitocentric, but with a rounder head and a fatter face, which point to a predominance of the post-pituitary over the ante-pituitary.

Catalogue of dramatic portraits in the theatre collection of the Harvard College Library.

It was the Lady Anne Carr, of whom Vandyke painted an exquisite and well-known portrait, when Countess of Bedford.

224 adjectives to describe  portrait
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