489 adjectives to describe practices

The fundamental principles of the art must always be the same, but here the conditions of their application were essentially different from those of civil practice.

And yet the position was such that all the strength I had acquired through ten years of constant practice in the field and in the chase, all the power of a frame in healthful maturity, and of muscles whose force seemed doubled by the tension of the nerves, hardly availed.

After a little practice you will be able to disengage it from the others.

Froebel had distinct theories about play, and he put his theories into actual practice, not only when he founded the Kindergarten, but in his original school for older children at Keilhau.

The usual course is to give notice of all alterations, and have them indorse on the policy, as additions to the description of the property: there is little fear, where this is honestly done, that any company would adopt the sharp practice hinted at in Lord St. Leonards' excellent handy book. 2711.

The Free Kindergartens provide for necessary washing, each child is provided with its own tooth-brush; and tooth-brush drill is a daily practice, somewhat amusing to witness.

"He's in so deep on the booze smuggling side he dassent say a word, and that puts him in worse yet, makes him accessory before the fact of criminal practices that'd made his hair stand on end.

Muh required the three officers here celebrated, to be buried with him, and according to the "Historical Records" this barbarous practice began with duke Ching, Muh's predecessor.

To omit future reward, Was it not always esteemed of old, that correcting evil practices, reducing people that lived amiss, was much better than making a high rant about a shuttlecock, and talking tara-tantara about a feather?

The butlers were convicted, sentenced to death, and hanged, whilst Ingram was, according to universal practice, set at liberty.

I would give thee good advice; do not be influenced by a wicked counsellor, but return to thy former religious practices.

Lead, however, is sometimes mixed with that metal, not only to make it lie more easily, but to adulterate ita pernicious practice, which in every article connected with the cooking and preparation of food, cannot be too severely reprobated.

In pursuance, however, of a mode of treatment commended to their judgment, by frequent previous practice with the same patient, the good couple poured a pitcher of water over his fallen head; hauled him smartly up and down the room, first by a hand and then by a foot; singed his whiskers with a hot poker, held him head-downward for a time, and tried various other approved allopathic remedies.

" About this time certain cruel and wicked practices, which must now be mentioned, had arrived at such a height, and had become so frequent in the metropolis, as to produce of themselves other coadjutors to the cause.

Since we gave up at the Reformation the superstitious practice of praying to the saints, saints' days have sunkand indeed sunk too muchinto neglect.

This, at any rate, is better than cutting off their heads, which, from time immemorial, has been the invariable practice of African and Oriental despots.

Applied secretarial practice.

It has never subjected questions of faith and morals to popular vote nor has it determined discipline by parliamentary practice under a well developed party system, therefore it has preserved its unity, its integrity and its just standard of comparative values.

Returning again to our note of the dependence of the present age on Ericsson, mention may be made of the blower for forcing the combustion in steam-boilers as a well-established feature of standard marine practice, and one absolutely essential to the development of the highest attainable speeds, such as are required in warships, and especially in those of the torpedo and modern "Destroyer" types.

The contrary practice hath indeed within it a spice of slander, that is, of the worst iniquity.

Unfair trade practices & how to remove then, by Lincoln Filene in collaboration with William Leavitt Stoddard.

Silanus, accused by the Macedonians of corrupt practices, is condemned by his father, Torquatus, and takes his own life.

He had studied law with the late Senator Sprague, and, at his death, from partner succeeded to his lucrative law practice.

SEE JENNINGS, H. S. CATTELL, RICHARD B. Surgical practice of the Lahey Clinic.

His extensive practice kept him in a perpetual hurry, and he had little time free beyond his dejeuner hour.

489 adjectives to describe  practices