249 adjectives to describe products

In peace time, of course, no one would think of transporting goods of such bulk as agricultural products any way but by sea; but the War has impressed on us with brutal clearness the value for us of being able on occasions of extreme necessity to import cotton from Turkey by land.

Possibly it was some trial of the finished product that started the eruption, even.

And this must necessarily alter the problems not only of the politically immature nations and the control of the tropics, but also of the regulation of the sea ways, the regulation of the coming air routes, and the distribution of staple products in the world.

Long since we have shaken off the foreign product, in favour of our own "Sing a Song of Sixpence," "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep" and their refreshingly cheerful compeers.

HARTUNG, CORDA B. Chemistry of organic medicinal products, 1941.

It is true that some plantations are so far distant from any seed-crushing mill that it is not worth while to sell the seed as a commercial product; and it might seem, therefore, as though we might regard the entire costs of cotton growing on such plantations as constituting the marginal costs of raw cotton.

Next followed what we may call fire-weed literature,the first rank, raw product of new lands.

HARTUNG, CORDA B. Chemistry of organic medicinal products, 1941.

Pan is a book that offends against all sorts of rules; as a literary product it is eminently calculated to elicit, especially in England, the Olympian "this will never do."

Tropical products will not grow there.

Wit is not a native product in Germany, it all has to be imported, so they could not satirize us; but their caricatures of the typical Englishman showed us what they thought.

And after them come the beggars of that class which is the peculiar product of Mahomedan life in Bombay.

Wool was accordingly much the most valuable product; the mutton was sold in the home markets, where, the supply being very plentiful, the price was very low.

This wealth is but a name That leaves our useful products still the same.

Did it have principal products, like Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and other ordinary states?

There are innumerable groups of commodities (which it is customary to term "joint products") such that the production of one commodity belonging to the group necessarily implies or very greatly facilitates the production of the others.

Lieutenant von Förstner is as typical a product of the Prussian system as the London policeman is of our own; and if we adopt Prussian or Spartan methods, we must run the risk of being ruled by him.

It is an artificial product, and its source is not hard to find.

The possession of Manila by the English, in 1762, made its inhabitants acquainted with many industrial products which the imports from China and India were unable to offer them.

One thing, however, is clear respecting it: that it was not forced in the hot-bed of any possible fanaticism, but that it grew fairly out of the soil, a genuine product of the time and its circumstances.

The exports for the same period were $217,517,130, of which there were of domestic products $178,546,555; foreign goods reexported, $9,738,695; specie, $29,231,880.

Liebig says, "Theine yields, in certain processes of decomposition, a series of most remarkable products, which have much analogy with those derived from uric acid in similar circumstances.

As Bacon said of manners, "To obtain them, it only needs not to despise them," so we say of animal spirits, that they are the spontaneous product of health and of a social habit.

The Augusta Barracken Hospital is on the outskirts of Budapesta characteristic product of the war, wholesale healing for wholesale maiming1,000 beds and all the essentials, in what, two months before, was a vacant lot by the railroad tracks.

A great deal of this talk is, however, bravado, and a great deal the mere product of thoughtlessness.

249 adjectives to describe  products
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