60 adjectives to describe prominence

After having dwelt upon the matter for half an hour or more, giving undue prominence to my own responsibility, I aroused Jacob, who was sleeping in an angle of the wall hard by, and repeated to him the substance of the conversations with Colonel Gansevoort and Sergeant Corney.

But Nohl's theory that her head was turned by her admission to the favour that quickly surrounds the successful prima donna is hardly to be held, in view of the fact that in rejecting a man of Mozart's prominence she took the actor Lange, who had little, if any, more prominence.

When the spines are rubbed off, the brioche-like shape is modified, and in place of the depression in the middle of the upper side there is seen a slight prominence.

People in polite society do not give religion such an unpleasant prominence as you delight in, Evadne.

" While I agree with Dr. Sieveking as regards the importance to be ascribed to the first two factorscerebral hyperæmia and anæmia, in the production of the group of symptoms known as "headache,"I fail to perceive why especial prominence should be given to the third condition mentioned by Dr. Sieveking.

No historian has given sufficient prominence to the fact that it was primarily a country movement of which each of these men was the leader; a movement of unbroken continuity, though each used his own means and had his own special temperament.

Deformity about the joint, with unnatural prominence at one part, and depression at another.

At the point of the toe this membrane sometimes shows a V-shaped depression, into which fits a inverted V-shaped prominence on the inner surface of the wall at this point.

To the student of internal secretions, the most prominent feature of the face, emphasized by both the camera and the artist, is the remarkable prominence of the supra-orbital arches, the bony protuberances from which the eyebrows spring.

" An important feature of the coal industry, which recent events have brought into sharp prominence, is the great diversity of conditions between different coalfields and different collieries.

It was his services as a diplomatist and a political oracle, united with his patriotism and wisdom, that gave to him his extraordinary prominence in American history.

On Feb. 16th I made my first application to Sir C. Wood (First Lord of the Admiralty) for assistance to C. Piazzi Smyth to carry out the Teneriffe Experiment: grounding it in part on the failure of attempts to see the solar prominences.

Then, as he lost sight of her, he remembered with shame the selfish prominence he had given to his own troubles.

Though in plot the outward order is brought into the fullest prominence, and may seem to occupy the field, yet it is significantly only the shadow of that order within.

4. Specific types of personality may be directly associated with particular glandular prominences, so that we have the thyroid-centered types, the pituitary-centered types, the adrenal-centered types, etc.

This may be so, but does it really mean anything more than that abstractions not being in fact possessed of character at all, and being as ideals unfettered by any demands of probability, absurdities pass unnoticed in their case which at the touchstone of actuality at once start into glaring prominence?

Mass meetings were held, with Kent as spokesman for the League, and the outcome was a decency triumph which brought Kent's name into grateful public prominence.

And now the trees thinned out, and, from under her lashes she saw the face above her; the thick, black brows drawn together,the close set of the lips,the grim prominence of the strong, square chin.

As the name of each of them will assume a degree of historical prominence in the further development of the rebellion, short quotations from their remarks made at that early period will be read with interest.

Yours very truly, J. IRELAND, The death of Byron brought into immediate prominence the question of his autobiographical memoirs, the MS. of which he had given to Moore, who was at that time his guest at La Mira, near Venice, in 1819.

These last-named structures prevented the bone being forced forward into its proper position, being firmly locked over the lateral prominences.

Sailing near the coast, we saw on the lofty prominence of a rock twelve large columns, the remains of the Temple of Minerva.

" "I soon perceived, that my labour would be well repaid; for an old vulture was sitting on a naked prominence, with her young about her, whom she was instructing in the arts of a vulture's life, and preparing, by the last lecture, for their final dismission to the mountains and the skies.

It is because Mr. Young Hunter and his wife have carried out consistently the best principles of this school that they have, in a career of some half-dozen years, established themselves as painters of noteworthy prominence.

The friction of smooth rubbing substances is less when the composition of those substances is different, than when it is the same, the particles being supposed to interlock less when the opposite prominences or asperities are not coincident.

60 adjectives to describe  prominence
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