75 adjectives to describe psychologies

The question what is the shortest period that will suffice to produce cohesion belongs to educational psychology.

Before the Revolution of 1688, metaphysics ruled without experimental psychology, and in these curious paragraphs of Baxter we see the effect: since the Revolution experimental psychology without metaphysics has in like manner prevailed, and we now feel the result.

MCDOUGALL, ANNE A. Outline of abnormal psychology.

The point of departure for all cognition is inner experience or self-observation; hence the fundamental science is psychology, and all other branches of philosophy nothing but applied psychology.

How well he understood practical psychology!

The importance of this conclusion for comparative and genetic psychology needs no emphasis.

" This was meagre comfort, and Annie did not follow the primitive psychology of it.

In our time, the demand for a dynamic psychology of process and becoming, psychology with an energy in it, has split them into two schoolsthe emphasizers of instinct and the subconscious, the McDougallians, and the pleaders for sex and the unconscious, the Freudians.

Clinical psychology of children's behavior problems.


Personnel and industrial psychology.

Already the outlines of a differential anatomy, and a different physiology and a differential psychology, which will explain to us the unique in the constitution, the temperament and character of an individual, emerge.

That Edward is quite unworthy of the girl's love, that the death of the child is no sufficient reason for her morbid remorse, is quite immaterial, since at the end of the tale we are no longer in the realm of normal psychology.

The characteristic contradistinction between the speculative reasoners of the age before the Revolution, and those since, is this: the former cultivated metaphysics, without, or neglecting, empirical psychology the latter cultivate a mechanical psychology to the neglect and contempt of metaphysics.

This is manifested most clearly in the field of psychology, including especially the "new" or "physiological" psychology, and the history of philosophy, though indications of pregnant thought in other departments, as ethics and the philosophy of religion, and even of independent construction, are not wanting.

CONKLIN, EDMUND S. Principles of adolescent psychology.

Clarissa is, as has been well said, the "Eve of fiction, the prototype of the modern heroine"; feminine psychology as good as unknown before (Shakespeare's women being the "Fridays" of a highly intelligent Crusoe) has hardly been brought further since.

It is beyond doubt that genetic psychology can best be advanced to-day by such work, and what is obviously true of this science is not less true of all the biological sciences which take account of the developmental or genetic relations of their events.

Pastoral psychology.

Doctrine of esoteric psychology.

, it follows the refutation of dogmatic ontologydeveloped in the Analyticwhich believed that it knew things in themselves through the concepts of the understanding, with a refutation of rational psychology, rational cosmology, and rational theology.

In high schools where instruction in Methods of Study is given as part of a course in elementary psychology, the book should also prove useful, inasmuch as it gives a summary of psychological principles relating to the cognitive processes.

This was my private reading: while, under my father's direction, my studies were carried into the higher branches of analytic psychology.

The "deduction of representation" whose outline has just been given was the first example (often imitated in the school of Schelling and Hegel) of a constructive psychology, which, from the mission or the concept of the soulin this case from the nature of self-consciousnessdeduces the various psychical functions as a system of actions, each of which is in its place implied by the rest, as it in turn presupposes them.

"Neither do I understand the morbid psychology that finds satisfaction in cheating at solitaire," I succeeded in saying.

75 adjectives to describe  psychologies