22 adjectives to describe psychologist

His results, therefore, although extremely interesting and of obvious value to the comparative psychologist, throw no special light upon the problem of ideation.

But is there no other means? asked Professor William James, and his answer to the question was that distinguished psychologist's last service.

Professor Rohde, an authority on the erotic writings of the Greeks, expresses the opinion repeatedly that, whatever their literature may indicate, they themselves were capable of feeling strong and pure love; and the eminent American psychologist, Professor William James, put forth the same opinion in a review of my book.

He was not going to tell how he had earned this wealth, but the ease of his simple retort was enough for the practical psychologist before him.

A more profound psychologist would have seen in him an obstinately passionate, ungrateful nature, which takes from others everything it desires, demanding it from them as a right and without even a nod of acknowledgment.

"I am now heartily glad that my early efforts to remove the corpse were futile, for this record of the persistence of maternal behavior seems to me of very unusual interest to the genetic psychologist.

His reply covers, logically, the whole field of psychological faculties little regarded, for example, by Mr. Sully, who is not exactly an imaginative psychologist.

In the year 1890 I published a work on psychology in which it became my duty to discuss the value of a certain explanation of our higher mental states that had come into favor among the more biologically inclined psychologists.

Character analyst and industrial psychologist; newspaper and magazine contributor.

Where it consists of modern statements of personal experience, our evidence is often infinitely better than much which is accepted by the nonexperimental psychologist.

We then add facts of modern experience, about the authenticity of which we, personally, entertain no doubt; and the provisional conclusion appears to be that savages have observed a psychological circumstance which has been ignored by professed psychologists, and which, certainly, does not fit into the ordinary materialistic hypothesis.

All of them have suffered from the fallacies and troubles of the pure psychologist who would handle mind as an entity in a vacuum.

No fusion had been effected between the skilful psychologist and the pious pedant, and the very jolts and incoherencies constituted the personality of the man.

Each motive, as the stiff psychologist of the nineteenth century, with his plaster-of-Paris categories and pigeon holes and classifications, labelled the teeming creatures of the mind, becomes anon a strutting actor upon a multitudinous stage, and an audience in a crowded playhouse.

"You are so much on the 'subtle-souled-psychologist' line, that there's no need of my speaking at all.

Mr. Galton had to warn the unimaginative psychologist in this way, because he was about to unfold his discovery of the faculty which presents numbers to some minds as visualised coloured numerals, 'so vivid as to be undistinguishable from reality, except by the aid of accidental circumstances.

"] [Footnote 3: This account of the matter seems to find support in a statement, by M. François de Curel, an accomplished psychologist, to the effect that during the first few days of work at a play he is "clearly conscious of creating," but that gradually he gets "into the skin" of his characters, and appears to work by instinct.

No unprejudiced psychologist would be likely to interpret the activities of the orang utan in the box-stacking experiment as other than imaginal or ideational.

This, too, is taught by all social intercourse, and, therefore, an acute German psychologist has set up the formula," All manners are moral," because they all imply a subjection of the personal will of the individual to the general will of those who surround him, as expressed in usage and custom.

The most advanced psychologists of the day link the sex impulse with the windings and twistings of all human activity.

What do you make of a case like that, amateur psychologist?

As to Professor Wundt, who is by profession an experimental psychologist, and an observer.

22 adjectives to describe  psychologist