55 adjectives to describe pull

It is stronger than its enemy, and yet the steady pull of hundreds of suckers is more than it can stand, and the shells, after a time, begin to gape a little.

Raoul isn't an expert; so at the moment he fitted the key into the lock of the safe to open the door, I gave a sly little pull, and broke the thread, making the pearls roll everywhere about the floor.

" It was about a hundred yards to the mouth of the creek, and with the tide running hard against us it was quite a stiff little pull.

If he wants to be pulled up, be gives the life-line four sharp pulls.

With a mighty pull Kazan was at her side, and his cold muzzle touched her face as she drew herself to her feet.

Martin, who was in the leading boat with me, by a few vigorous pulls at the oar, rounded the point between us and the spot where we had heard the plunge, and there, not ten rods from the shore, making for the mainland, was the game which, of all others, we most desired to see.

That was enough, for Diablo had learned to rein over the neck and stop at the slightest pull of the reins.

He reined up his horse with a violent pull, straightened his shoulders so that he appeared six inches taller, looked steadily at me with a strange, mixed expression of anger and astonishment, and cried out, "Murder her?

He still struggled, wallowing feebly, vainly resisting the downward pull of the sand.

Each has been married before to an unloved mate who has conveniently died, leaving them both free to yield to the gentle pull of long-past youthful attachment.

The horse gave an awful pull, and landed his master on safe ground.

The Edge Vine should have thorns, (with a long tremendous pull for deep roots, she has it up.

And at this moment, I conceive it to be finally torn directly from its oblique course, by the gravitational pull of the immense star.

A few more steep pulls, over deep beds of snow and patches of barren stone, and

Then there rose a peculiar cry or yodel, all the fishermen uttering it together, and as soon as it ceased we gave our united, mighty pull.

The sheriff's assistants gave the rope a sudden pull, and in an instant the choking, strangling creature soared up in the air, gasping for breath with the water running in streams from her garments.

She turned into the lane leading to her house, walking at a smart pace, with her dress trailing and catching on the brambles, from which with a backward sweep of the hand and a rough pull she would twitch it clear.

My experience for several winters with beginners is that the soles of most English boots buckle as soon as they are subjected to the tight pull of a leather binding.

He rang the bell with a decisive pull, and, as he did so, glanced at the strange man, who nodded approvingly at him.

"I did, mum, sure, and a hard pull I had of it.

But instead of the inward thrust against which she stood braced, there came the least of outward pulls, as if to make sure that the latch had caught; and after a brief pause a key grated in the lock, was withdrawn, and the slippered feet withdrew in turn.

We were none of us the darlings of any particular State, nor the precious offspring of a peripatetic statesman with a practised pull.

" Chettle paused for a moment, and took a reflective pull at his glass.

The combing of her hair became a delightful and leisurely function in the silky feel of the strands in her fingers and the refreshing pull at the roots.

These reflections, which were neither profitable nor interesting to the parties immediately concerned, were interrupted by a peculiarly rigorous pull at the door bell.

55 adjectives to describe  pull
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