50 adjectives to describe pulpit

A good Jacobean pulpit and panelled ceiling are among the details of the interior.

The carved wooden pulpit by Verbrüggen (1699) represents the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise."

In his queer little pulpit

Enough has now been said, to make it clear and certain, that American slavery has its apologists and advocates in the northern pulpit; advocates and apologists, who fall behind few if any of their brethren in the reputation they have acquired, the stations they occupy, and the general influence they are supposed to exert.

We understood by what we heard that not a few clergymen were dead of the Plague, and others fled for terror; because of which certain of the silenced ministers were called on to fill those vacant pulpits; and they did so while the Plague lasted, with great zeal and boldness, no man saying them nay.

So great were their talents and virtues that they speedily spread over Europe, and occupied the principal pulpits and the most important chairs in the universities.

The tents and booths were pitched in a semi-circle, or in a four-sided parallelogram, inclosing an area of two acres or more, for the arrangement of seats and aisles around a rude pulpit and altar for the thronging multitude, all eager to hear the heavenly messenger.

His only way therefore to produce a popular effect is to sail with the stream of prejudice, and to vent common dogmas, "the total grist, unsifted, husks and all," from some evangelical pulpit.

The church was erected in the year 996, at which time it is said this remarkable pulpit was put up; and notwithstanding its great age, which appears to be 832 years, it is still in good condition.

The Protestant pulpit.

To begin with, the chapel was quite a comely edifice inside and out; and its ministerial end, with its singers' gallery backed by great organ pipes, and fronted by a handsome pulpit, which Mr. Trotter had dared to garnish with chrysanthemums on each side of his Bible, had a modest, sacerdotal effect.

Reading him was like being in church with a strident-voiced preacher shouting from out of a terribly sonorous pulpit.

During the time of darkness there were frequent masses and sermons, while terrible transparencies of the Crucifixion were suddenly unrolled from the lofty pulpit, and the throng below wept in sympathy, and clapped their cheeks in token of anguish, like the flutter of many doves.

Note plain large squint on S., and another, of more ornate character, on N. There is a plain Jacobean pulpit.

Note (1) the font (probably Norm.), (2) the massive stone pulpit, (3) the reredos.

His utmost wish was to attain a metropolitan pulpit, where he could have added the reputation of a popular preacher to that of being the protégé of Swift, and the pet of the Scriblerus Club.

The church is not architecturally handsome; but it is eminently picturesque, with its relics of centuries, its mosaic pulpits and floor, its frescoes of Pinturicchio and Pesaro, its antique columns, its rich golden ceiling, its Gothic mausoleum to the Savelli, and its medieval tombs.

[Footnote B: Movable pulpit.]

Standing in a narrow pulpit for a length of time must necessarily be fatiguing to him; but why can't things be made easy?

There is a neat pulpit in the chapel, and it is ornamented with what seem to be panels of opaque glass.

Within is a good stone screen and a fine oaken pulpit dating from 1640.

The hexagonal pulpit in the Baptistery of Pisa, the octagonal pulpit in the cathedral of Siena, the fountain in the marketplace of Perugia, and the shrine of S. Dominic at Bologna, all of them designed and partly finished between 1260 and 1274 by Niccola and his scholars, display his mastery over the art of sculpture in the maturity of his genius.

But probably most people are attracted to Prato chiefly by Donatello and Michelozzo's outdoor pulpit, the frieze of which is a kind of prentice work for the famous cantoria in the museum of the cathedral at Florence, with just such wanton boys dancing round it.

In his queer little pulpit

At the end of the nave, you look to the left, oppositeand observe, placed in a recessa pulpit, which, from top to bottom, is completely covered with gold.

50 adjectives to describe  pulpit