37 adjectives to describe pups

After the first day or two Kazan went more frequently into the windfall, and though more than once he nosed searchingly about Gray Wolf he could find only the one little pup.

COBB, IRVIN S. Four useful pups.

And a little later I found a peasant's hut, and watered myself till I swelled up like a poisoned pup.

The forest people know what to expect of husky pups who early develop that drop of red.

The lazy pup don't usually crack an eye till one in the afternoon.

They meant to continue along in the company of Roland, and see that the pair of beautiful glossy silver black fox pups were safely delivered to the purchaser, who intended to start a fur farm of his own in some other part of the country, possibly away up in the Canadian Northwest, and had taken a great fancy for the particular strain of animal Roland was propagating.

When he jumped the yellow pup was in the way an' got killed.

The antiseptic baby and the prophylactic pup Were playing in the garden when the bunny gambolled up; They looked upon the creature with a loathing undisguised, For he wasn't disinfected and he wasn't sterilized.

Ester was sitting upon the back porch, hulling strawberries and watching with absent amusement the tireless efforts of Jane to induce a very fat and entirely brainless pup to shake hands.

" "Why, Obed wants to get away with that pair of grown pups, so he can deliver them to the man he's bargained with; and I've proposed that we stay here a few days, and guard his property while he's off.

He had the pinched, hungry look which Casey had seen only amongst starving Indians, and after he had kissed Casey perfunctorily he snatched the piece of raw bacon which Casey had just sliced off, and tore at it with his teeth like a hungry pup.

And you've probably induced some indescribable pup to fall in love with you!

He had been christened the jolly-cum-pup, from a character in one of Frank Stockton's stories, which I suppose are now remembered only by elderly people, and by them only if they are natives of the United States.

" "Then he ain't too respectable, the lousy pup.

" "You're a brave pup," rejoined Dick, stroking the dog's huge head affectionately.

And I thought they were square, till I found They were trying to cross me, the miserable pups, And whipsaw me out of my ground.

But all the same, I invested my money in this business, and according to our partnership agreement, I am to have one-half the proceeds of any sales, so there can be no slip of the law, to beat me out of my inheritance; if only I can get those precious pups to the man who's engaged them.

we now repeatthat the dog Crusoe was once a pupa soft, round, sprawling, squeaking pup, as fat as a tallow candle, and as blind as a bat.

What might not happen, thought the Senate machine, now that Peabody and Stevens had taken to their bosoms what they termed the purple pup of political purity? Neither did the full portent of the situation escape the attention of the reporters' gallery.

He used to say that the golden tinge peculiar to the Rosehill breed came from a bitch which had been mated with a dog belonging to Dr. Watts, of Battle, and that every now and then what he termed a "sandy" pup would turn up in her litters.

He jist gripped hard an' all alone Like a set bull-pup with a bone, An' if he got shook loose, why then He got up an' grabbed holt again.

And any protest only brings upon you Your Landlord's wrath, and cheek from some sleek pup, Who bullies you; and laughs when he has done you.

I was the one surprised pup and as soon as I hung my 'Merry Widow' on the gas jet I asked Wilbur about it.

"How wonderfully different are the expressions on terriers' faces," I said to her, looking at a painting of hers of a fox-terrier pup.

The fat pup, tired with unwonted mental exertions, curled up and went to sleep.

37 adjectives to describe  pups