84 adjectives to describe purchasing

In fact, they had not the means to make extensive purchases of land, even if the planters had been disposed to transfer it.

The wholesale purchases are made in Luzon and the adjacent islands in fardos, [240] by "colleccion," that is, direct through the finance officials, who have the management of the plants from the sowing; but in the Bisayas by acopio; that is, the Government officials buy up the tobacco tendered by the growers or speculators by the cwt.

In a few weeks their wild harvest was over; they came back through San Fernando; made, almost in silence, their little purchases in the town, and paddled away across the gulf towards the unknown wildernesses from whence they came.

Where he went that day no man ever knew, further than that he was seen in the afternoon in St. Giles's Church, where, no doubt, he did his best to make a cheap purchase of immunity to his soul and body, in consideration of a repentance brought on by pure fear, produced by a spectre; and who knows but that that was a final cause of the spectre's appearance?

Now the wages that will hardly, by the most careful management, allow of the gradual purchase of an annuity, will readily permit such savings as these.

The silver purchased under the law of 1890 was paid for with notes exchangeable for "coin"; but as the secretaries always construed "coin" to mean gold, and as by 1893 these notes amounted to $150,000,000, our gold obligationsthat is, notes exchangeable for goldwere nearly $500,000,000 (greenbacks, $346,000,000; silver purchase notes, $150,000,000).

It seems Kate was there, busy in the garret, unpacking a bureau that had been stored there, with some of Peggy's foreign purchases, for summer wear, in the drawers.

The manager has confided to me in his letter that if we are obliged to pay royalties the timber will cost us nearly double what it would by an outright purchase of the tract.

Industrial purchasing, with hints on working with purchasing agents.

There was, however, one exception, namely Mr. Rogers, who told Mr. Murray not to be disheartened, for he might rely upon its turning out the most fortunate purchase he had ever made; and so it proved.

The rapid growth of the city necessitated the frequent purchase of new fire apparatus, and at the present time the St. Paul fire department has 211 paid men, 15 steamers, 4 chemicals, 8 hook and ladder companies and 122 horses.

The Purchase of Silver stopped.%Believing that the fear that we should soon be "on a silver basis" had much to do with this state of affairs, and that the compulsory purchase of silver each month had much to do with the fear, the President assembled Congress in special session, August 7, and asked for the repeal of that clause of the Sherman Act of 1890 which required a monthly purchase of silver.

Governmental purchasing.

Reaching the Bunder he silences the importunity of the children by a liberal purchase of salted almonds and pistachios or grain fried in oil, and passes an hour or so in discussing with a friend the market-rate of grain, cotton, ghi, or indigo.

We got sideways to the sledge and hauled it out, Evans (P.O.) getting out of his ski to get better purchase.

From Mr. Armstrong's statement, it appears that the slave was a man of uncommon intelligence; had the over-sight of a large businesssuperintended the purchase of supplies for his master, &c.that exasperated by the intercourse of his master with his wife, he was upbraiding her one evening, when his master overhearing him, went out to quell him, was attacked by the infuriated man and killed on the spot.

A single family has been known to make seventy-two distinct purchases of tea within seven weeks, and the average purchases of a number of poor families for the same period amounted to twenty-seven.

His collection, though extensive, was by no means of fabulous value, being made up chiefly of modest purchases from the stamp collecting shops, and finds in the waste-paper-baskets at Scotland Yard after the arrival of the foreign mails.

The common defense requires immediate purchase of supplies.

"A splendid purchase, you'll see.

Placing the lantern on the deck I succeeded finally in inserting the blade of the hatchet so as to gain a purchase sufficient to release the latch.

During the past week he had indulged in sundry sly purchases, which had been shipped, in his name to Chazy Junction, the nearest railway station to Millville.

Insufficient to argue bad management, indiscreet purchases of licences at inflated prices!

You may view them also in the light of establishments for the manufacture and distribution of domestic perfumery, payment for which is never exacted at the moment of its involuntary purchase, but is left to be collected by a doctor,who calls upon you during the winter, levies on you with a lancet, and distrains upon your viscera with a compound cathartic pill.

It cost the nation £500, and was an exceedingly judicious purchase.

84 adjectives to describe  purchasing