865 adjectives to describe questioning

At length a squabble springs up between the President and the author of the Nebraska Bill, on the mere question of fact, whether the Lecompton Constitution was or was not in any just sense made by the people of Kansas; and in that quarrel the latter declares that all he wants is a fair vote for the people, and that he cares not whether slavery be voted down or voted up.

Besides Kemp fitted into my reconstruction of the tragedy on the vital question of time.

Is that not so?" For a while she was silent, her breath coming quickly, as she hesitated how to meet the direct question.

Once or twice there was a question of Louis XIV and what he would have done in certain cases,the religious question always a passionate one.

The Popular Review of Judicial Decisions upon constitutional questions; that is to say, a provision, under which, when a court of last resort has decided that a particular law is invalid, because in conflict with a constitutional provision, the law may nevertheless be made valid by a popular vote.

This is a momentous question which addresses itself to our nation at the present juncture.

Thisand nothing less than this, I thinkwas the practical political question really at stake in the sixteenth century between Protestantism and Catholicism.

Indeed, as the document was ready for signature, it became a grave question whether the remnant which remained had sufficient faith in their own work to subscribe their names, and if they failed to do so its adoption by the people would have been impossible.

A vexed question, destined to form part of a momentous issue, now arose.

There seems little question that the stains are blood, and that makes the whole business still more puzzling.

"I thanked him, made the best excuse I could for refusing, got down from the trap and hurried off through the dark village street, thankful to get away from those awkward questions.

" It was beautiful to hear this, but it was not what the little Pilgrim expected, for she thought they would have told her of the homes to which they all returned when their work was over, and a life which was like the life of the old time; but of this they said nothing, only looking at her with smiling eyes, as at the curious questions of a child.

It was a delicate question, an affair of nuances, of almost imperceptible graduations; and in debating a matter of such nicety, a man must necessarily lay aside all petty irritation, such as being nettled by an irrational nickname, and approach the question with unbiased mind.

That's what Dr. Denson always says," continued the speaker, without waiting for any reply to his numerous questions.

In former times theological questions largely occupied the attention of the people; and there is probably no part of the world where the Bible has been more attentively read, or where the mysteries of Christian doctrine have to so great an extent been made the subject of earnest discussion in every household.

"To Cherry Corners, of course," answered Chet in a tone which very plainly meant, "why ask such a foolish question?"

It is usually not wise, however, to appeal to public opinion in this way, save on an abstract question, as the child loses his self-respect, and becomes degraded in his own eyes, if his fault is trumpeted abroad.

Many eager questions and beseechings which James and I could make nothing of, and on which she seemed to set her all, and then sink back ununderstood.

Now and again, however, she nodded intently and, when he finished, had a pertinent question ready.

This was manifestly too short a time in which to study the fundamental questions to which the researchers had addressed themselves.

It may be asked, (there are cavillers who ask impertinent questions about everything,) what business BURNSIDE has to meddle with European affairs?

And now, she was to arrive that afternoon, to domicile herself in his quiet house for two long weeksthis utter stranger, look you!and upset his comfort, ask him silly questions, expect him to talk to her, and at the end of her visit, possibly, present him with some outlandish gimcrack made of cardboard and pink ribbons, in which she would expect him to keep his papers.

But once and again his eye sought J.W. and the look was a question yet unanswered.

This I knew, and this I faced, calmly, but very surely, as, the preliminary questions having been answered, Mr. Moffat proceeded.

Mrs. Jarvis met me with anxious questions.

865 adjectives to describe  questioning