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784 adjectives to describe race

I am a great believer in the colored races, you know.

Our own age has seen how much of education may be lavished on an inferior race without materially altering the brute instincts within.

To be the proprietor of black servants shocked the feelings of no Virginian gentleman; nor, in truth, was the despotism exercised over the negro race generally a savage one.

Two hundred years ago the Turks could easily have nationalized the alien races by means of the church and the school, but it seems that it is now too late to make an attempt at turning the subject races into Turks.

And this woman was a Greek, a Syro- phenician by nationof a mixed race of people, notoriously low and profligate, and old enemies of the Jews.

The herbage of these hills is remarkably nutritious; and whilst the natural healthiness of the climate, consequent on the dryness of the air and the moderate elevation of the land, is eminently favourable to rearing a superior race of sheep, the arable land in the immediate neighbourhood of the Downs affords the means of a supply of other food, when the natural produce of the hills fails.

That part of the land that loved the flag cherished it with a fervor deeper than the half-alien race that first flung it to the breeze under Washington.

You cannot picture a hardier or more spirited race than the fellows I thus recruited.

The race which gained control of North America must become the dominant race of the world, and its political ideas must prevail in the struggle for life.

"With all their poetry," he argues, "and all their usefulness, we can hardly feel astonished that the primitive races of mankind should have considered trees as the choicest gifts of the gods to men, and should have believed that their spirits still delighted to dwell among their branches, or spoke oracles through the rustling of their leaves."

Affection made her willing to be blind; She loved him for the beauties of his mind; And in his lustre, and his royal race, Contented sunkone feature of his face.

Not a word is said in the whole manifesto about the human and social responsibilities of this vast Empire; not a word about the guardianship and nurture of native races, their guidance and assistance among the pitfalls of civilization; not a word about the principles of honour and just dealing with regard to our civilized neighbour-nations in Europe and elsewhere; not a word about the political freedom and welfare of all classes at home.

" The same idea has prevailed to a large extent among savage races.

According to Darwin (Descent of Man) "the development of the beard and the hairiness of the body differ remarkably in the men of distinct races, and even in different tribes, and families of the same race.

Shortly afterward another measure, emanating entirely from the Pope, and opposed by the prejudices of the mob, showed that his humane and liberal disposition and enlightened understanding waited for no impulse from without, and for no hope of increased popularity, before doing justice to a long oppressed race.

The malignity of a subtle, acute, semi-civilized race, unrestrained by law or by moral feeling, broke out in its most frightful forms.

Turning to India, tree-worship probably has always belonged to Aryan Hinduism, and as tree-worship did not belong to the aboriginal races of India, and was not adopted from them, "it must have formed part of the pantheistic worship of the Vedic system which endowed all created things with a spirit and lifea doctrine which modern Hinduism largely extended.

France worries herself about one people only, since as a matter of fact she has only one warlike race at her frontiers: Germany.

Such was the law of expansion; the earth was the heritage of the most numerous race.

Britain of course replied with her Navy Bills; and the two countries were committed to a mad race of armaments.

Smallbridge, an independent candidate, is apparently making a better race in the country than in the city, but he is so weak in both places that the ballots cast for him can scarcely affect the outcome unless the margin of victory is infinitesimal.

Is bred the perfect hound, in scent and speed As yet unrivalled, while in other climes Their virtue fails, a weak degenerate race.

In Gaul he came in contact with another, fresher Aryan race.

Hence it holds a prominent place in the history of primitive belief, and at the present day prevails largely among rude and uncivilised races, survivals of which even linger on in our own country.

So far as the relations of civilization with barbarism are concerned to-day, the only serious question is by what process of modification the barbarous races are to maintain their foothold upon the earth at all.

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