270 adjectives to describe range

You will know that God sends you the peace, and sends it you the more the more you pray for it: but how He sends it you will not understand; for it springs out of those inner depths of your being which are beyond the narrow range of consciousness, and is spiritual and a mystery, and comes by the inspiration of the holy Spirit of God.

His prescient mind showed him the mighty river Orinoco, the wide savannas, and the lofty range of the Andes; but the trammels of the erroneous measurements of astronomers bound them to Asia, and prevented him from picturing them to himself in the New World he had really discovered.

Without a word to Mamie, Dennis drifted away to some distant range, and before he was seen again Tom Barker had appeared.

History knows few instruments which in so few words lay down equally momentous rules on a vast range of matters of the highest importance and complexity.

Do you notice that among the people we met at Williamsburgofficers as well as civiliansnone of them were equal to even a very limited range of subjects?

Because of its superior powers of enduring variations of climate and soil, it has a more extensive range than any other conifer growing on the Sierra.

The sun travelled slowly along down towards the western hills, his bright light, in that calm November day, makin' the rocky ranges and the bare heads of the tall peaks shine out in a blaze of glory.

Then he worked back down one or another of the nearly parallel ranges that lie out desertward, and so down to the sink of the Mojave River, burrowing to oblivion in the sand,a big mysterious land, a lonely, inhospitable land, beautiful, terrible.

It is, in fact, true of several groups of Vertebrata which have lived through a considerable range of time, that the endoskeleton (more particularly the spinal column) of the older genera presents a less ossified, and, so far, less differentiated, condition than that of the younger genera.

And beyond, more pinewoods on the northern ridge, and beyond, more mountains, one snowy range behind another, up to the horizon.

The road to Sandy Bara camp that, not having as yet experienced the regenerating influences of Poker Flat, consequently seemed to offer some invitation to the emigrantslay over a steep mountain range.

I think it is interesting to note that our shooting grounds were the extreme western range of the black bear.

If such miracles can happen before his eyes, shall not the extreme range even of travel or metaphysics be allowed?

Here and there a red roof catches the sun's rays and shews a splash of orange amid the green; but save for this the picture has but two tints, the warm green of the plain country in the foreground and the grey of the mighty mountain-range which stands sentinel behind it.

But by the time the main body was following under Morgan the British blue-jackets were firing down from the walls at less than point-blank range.

Whispering range.

Most of the smaller islands to the south appear to consist of superimposed mountainous ranges, terminating seaward in precipitous cliffs.

It is found on the glaciers from the Lynn Canal to the northern range of the St. Elias Alps, and, as its name implies, is of a bluish color.

For twenty-five years I heard of a black sheep-like animal in the central range of the Rocky Mountains far to the north, said to be not only black in color, but with black horns, something like those of an antelope, but in shape and ringed like a female mountain sheep.

Anderson had always loved the open, and he wanted a place where he could see the sun rise over the distant valley gateway, and watch it set beyond the bold black range in the west.

It was one of those low, light voices which are apt to have very little range or volume, and which break and tremble absurdly under any stress of emotion; and often they become shrill in a higher register; but inside conversational limits, if such a term may be used, there is no fiber so delightful, so purely musical.

The fence around it was the continuous range of mountains skirting the plateau on all sides, and in every direction up to those blue summits as far as the eye carried, stretched the land which owned Hal Dunbar as master.

It soon got into effective range and loosed its torpedo and with deadly effect on a German battleship.

The piñon belt and below seem to be their habitat, and in very dry, barren ranges.

Kevimâ indicated one spot in the southern range of remarkable interest, associated with an incident which forms an epoch in the records of Martial geography.

270 adjectives to describe  range