17 adjectives to describe ravings

" So Dyce came, and into her sympathetic ears were poured the delirious ravings of the lonely heart which had been so suddenly torn from its genial surroundings of love and happiness and thrust into the chilling atmosphere of misunderstanding and neglect.

The privations and the incarceration disturbed his mind with horrible ravings; often Gabriel was surprised at finding himself on all fours, growling and barking opposite the door without knowing how or why.

Gilbert was eager to return to those chambers in the Templeeager to be listening once more for some chance words of meaning that might be dropped from John Saltram's pale parched lips in the midst of incoherent ravings.

That the interview would have been terrific, full of reproaches, drowned in tears, objurgations, and jealous ravings, is certainly no more than the words of Mr. Jinks would have led an impartial listener to believe.

They were regarded as senseless ravings, and such they doubtless were; but there was one of them which attracted my attention, and of which I should like an explanation.

" "Is this crazy fellow raving?" asked the soldiers.

"List!" cries the old Pedlar, suddenly breaking off in the middle of one of his daintiest ravings "List!I heard, From yon huge breast of rock, a solemn bleat; Sent forth as if it were the Mountain's voice!

And if the effect of verse-writing had stopped there, all had been well; but bad models have had their effect, as well as good ones, on the half-tutored taste of the working men, and engendered in them but too often a fondness for frothy magniloquence and ferocious raving, neither morally nor aesthetically profitable to themselves or their readers.

For DeBar, in his feverish ravings, revealed the fact that he had stumbled upon that little Valley of Gold for which MacDonald had searched through forty years.

Yet all parties and sects admitted that much that he said was true, while at the same time they had no sympathy with his fierce ravings.

He was reduced to a skeleton; his eyes glowed like coals in their sockets, and his speech was little better than frantic raving.

In their pages is found the most abominable raving that has ever passed for literary criticism.

"In proportion to our appreciation of music is also our appreciation of what is not music," Sarona says; and so faithfully does this writer prove it, by her attention to minute and usual circumstances, that one might certainly allow her some exaltation when touching on one theme,yet how this exaltation can be called in question by any who espouse Bettine von Arnim's sublime ravings the morning after entering Vienna is mysterious.

With all this miserable forgetfulness of dignity and self-respect, he mounts the high horse, from which he instantly is tumbled into the dirt; and in his angry ravings collects together all the foul trash of literary gossip to fling at his adversary, but which is blown stifling back upon himself with odium and infamy.

It was a tangle of bedlamite ravings, with long screeds from the Scriptures intermixed like currants in a bag-pudding.

I found those boyish ravings only the other day in my father's desk at Matocton, and skimmed them over.

Some took it for the casual ravings of an occasional enthusiast.

17 adjectives to describe  ravings