7 adjectives to describe recession

Or will that only come about after the population of the world has passed through a phase of absolute recession?

Turning abruptly to the right and leaving the plateau behind us, we advanced straight up the high ridge intervening between the two valleys, and thence in a zigzag course to the foot of El Volcan, a mass of igneous rock, protruded through the horizontal sandstone strata,the gradual recession of which gives to the country the terraced character to which I have so often alluded.

We asked all that was necessary, and persisted in our first claim, without mean recession, or wanton aggravation.

For in the types with persistent juvenile thymus there occurs a maldevelopment of the sex glands, while in those with early pineal recession the sex glands bloom simultanously with the appearance of adolescent hair and mental traits.

About the same time the British, noticing the group of horsemen and unable to distinguish the color of the riders, paid their respects to Billy and his followers in the shape of a solid shot, which went crashing through the top of the tree, whereupon there was a rapid recession of coat tails toward the rear.

Not least inevitable, The sad recession of this passionate love, Whose panting fires, so soon and with such grief, Burn down to ash.

All this is a voluntary dream, a temporary recession from the realities of life to airy fictions; and habitual subjection of reason to fancy.

7 adjectives to describe  recession