31 adjectives to describe recipes

Favorite reader recipes.

For apart from the disparity in age and tastes and rearing, there was always the fact to be weighed that in marrying the only child of a wealthy man Rudolph Musgrave was making what Lichfield called "an eminently sensible match"than which, as Lichfield knew, there is no more infallible recipe for discord.

The following are a few additional recipes for cakes and scones, most of which include one or other of the numerous Health Food specialties and dainties now upon the market, but which are not nearly so well known as they deserve to be.

Let me as an antidote recall a little story which the present Bishop of Chester once told me over the dinner table, for it contains a practical recipe for keeping the heart young.

R58545, 14Feb50, Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp. (PWH) BREAD, THE VITAL FOOD FOR ALL OCCASIONS, half a hundred tempting recipes, by Betty Crocker

This is a very plain recipe, and suitable where there is a family of children.

ROMBAUER, IRMA S. The joy of cooking; a compilation of reliable recipes with an occasional culinary chat.

There are numerous different recipes, which will doubtless be well known, but the following is quite new and original.

The following is a favourite recipe.

" Smollett even used him as a model for the pedantic doctor in 'Peregrine Pickle,' who gives a dinner in the fashion of the ancients, and dresses each dish according to humorous literary recipes.

Boiled 1104 With Parmesan cheese 1106 Cayenne, varieties of 362 Vinegar or essence of cayenne 386 Celery, indigenous to Britain 122 Origin of 1109 Sauce for boiled turkey, poultry, &c. 387 (a more simple recipe)

" Smollett even used him as a model for the pedantic doctor in 'Peregrine Pickle,' who gives a dinner in the fashion of the ancients, and dresses each dish according to humorous literary recipes.

And to that end I would seek rather to set forth general broad guiding principles instead of mere bald recipes.

Doña Pepa, at her brother's instance, sold one piece of land after another; but even such remittances were often long delayed; and then, instead of eating in the trattoria, near la Scala, with dancing students and the more successful of the young singers, they would stay at home; and Leonora would lay aside her scores and take a turn at cooking, learning mysterious recipes from the old danseuse.

We have a dainty booklet"Grains of Common Sense"we should like to send you, crammed with novel and delicious recipes.

Botanists soberly classified it as herba panacea and herba sancta, and Gerard in his "Herbal" fixed its name finally as sana sancta Indorum, by which title it commonly appears in the professional recipes of the time.

Now both are lost: yet, wandering in the dark, 100 Physicians, for the tree, have found the bark: They, labouring for relief of human kind, With sharpen'd sight some remedies may find; The apothecary-train is wholly blind, From files a random recipe they take, And many deaths of one prescription make.

So many pretty dishes of pastry may be made by stamping puff-paste out with fancy cutters, and filling the pieces, when baked, with jelly or preserve, that our space will not allow us to give a separate recipe for each of them; but, as they are all made from one paste, and only the shape and garnishing varied, perhaps it is not necessary, and by exercising a little ingenuity, variety may always be obtained.

The juice of lemon is a sovereign recipe.

Perhaps, however, I ought to give at least one typical recipe for "Reform" Pea Soup, and if nicely made it will be quite possible to allure some unsuspecting victims who have always declared they never could or would touch pea soup, into asking for another helping of "that deliciousahemwhat-do-you- call-it-soup.

As a writer she knew but one unfailing recipe for popularity: whatever she touched must be forthwith gilded with passion.

From this universal family-likeness recipe, Reynolds came suddenly, and at once successfully, before the world, with individual nature, and variety of character, and portraits that had the merit of being pictures as well as portraits.

Care has been taken not to cumber the work with useless and indifferent recipes.

I know no better recipe than the one adopted by my trainers in the art of shibar, the brothers S. I cannot do better than give a description of the process in the words of George himself.

Every other weekly journal abounds in wise domestic counsels, apt recipes, cunning plans, and helpful patterns of all sorts; and PUNCHINELLO, intending to offer the most advantages, expects to become so necessary to the economical housewife and the prudent bread-winner that no family will be able to do without him.

31 adjectives to describe  recipes