179 adjectives to describe recollection

And certain little memories made it acute; sudden flashing vivid recollection of that last drive was like a sharp jagged tear.

It remained in the minds of the midshipmen only as a pleasant recollection of a quaint and pretty place.

" Morriston exclaimed with sudden recollection.

I have a grateful recollection of this building, for in it the military attachés

Hence, that sleep is the most refreshing, which is undisturbed by dreams, or, at least, when we have the distinct recollection of them.

I have a dim recollection of having seen, momentarily, the gleams of several lights; but, of this, I have never been quite sure.

To be sure, there was nobody there; but as her consciousness returned, and with it the sweep of painful recollection, the sense of change, the miserable contrast between the present and the past,sleep fled from her eyes.

It seemed years ago, and even further away was the vague recollection of how he'd cared.

" "Haven't you a faint recollection of having been in a big accident sometime; say, for instance, a railroad disaster?" "NoI don't think I have.

The Turks on their lines of communication with the Hedjaz have an unpleasant recollection of being bombed at Maan.

And yet these paragraphs that might be mournful records of failure, fill me with no more than a tender recollection for the boy who wrote them.

Pleasures too hastily tasted grow sweeter in fond recollection, As the pomegranate plucked green ripens far over the sea.

The time too soon arrived for bitter recollection.

To describe exactly what followed would be well-nigh impossible, as even the principal actors themselves seemed to have but a confused recollection of the part they played.

"DEAR GALT,Though I shall always retain a lively general recollection of my agreeable interview with Lord Byron, at Genoa, in May, 1823, so long a time has since elapsed that much of the aroma of the pleasure has evaporated, and I can but recall generalities.

This was a kind woman who had opened her doors to the destitute girl; but notwithstanding, however great the torture to Mary, there was no escaping this room which was haunted by the saddest recollections of her life.

" "Not a great deal; I used to take old massa wid his children out for a sail sometimes, and den I hab a slight recollection ob being brought from a great way off; but dat must hab been before I come to be berry great.

That man's heart must be made of doubtful stuff, who jeers at the fresh dreams of youth; or rather, he must have no heart at allabove all, no sweet and affecting recollections.

This is not what is commonly called mémoires,to wit, historical recollections modified by the subjective impressions of eyewitnesses to the past; it is rather a novel or romance in the form of mémoires, ridiculing the predominant bourgeoisie of the Old World, and sketching the whole life of a bourgeois, from infancy to green old age.

My acquaintance with this young gentleman, then a lad at his father's house, in Missouri, recalls many pleasing recollections, which gives me every inducement to favor his wishes.

From lips paler than ever, wordsso generally resembling those I had previously heard that some readers may think them the mere recollection thereofappeared to reach my sense or my mind as from a great distance, spoken in a tone of mingled pity, promise, and reproof: "What is youth or sex or beauty in the All-Commander's sight?

I have an indistinct recollection of seeing the old one pause an instant on the top of the bank in the woods, look toward its shivering young, and then dash away again.

I was so frightened, that I have but an imperfect recollection of what followed.

I am now trying to do it in the midst of commercial noises, and with a quill which seems more ready to glide into arithmetical figures and names of gourds, cassia, cardamoms, aloes, ginger, or tea, than into kindly responses and friendly recollections.

The mention of it brought hazy recollections to nativesrecollections that were too misty to put into words, but which the untutored mind connected with happenings that were anything but pleasant.

179 adjectives to describe  recollection