108 adjectives to describe refinement

One scarcely knows which to admire most about this man, the atmospheric transparency of his motives, for he is so disinterested as seldom even to think of paying for a dinner when travelling, and yet so conscientious as always to say something obliging of the tavern as soon as he gets homehis rigid regard to facts; or the exquisite refinement and delicacy that he imparts to every thing he touches.

You will confess, that at heart, I am not so unreasonable as you at first thought, and that it might be very well if it should happen that in love, you might have a soul as worldly as that of a good many people, whom it pleases you to accuse of very little refinement.

The Watchetts cooed like faint doves, thereby expressing the delicate refinement of their virginal natures.

In harmony with such a life were all his surroundingsscenery, society, domestic refinement, and companionshipand never looked promise fairer for the realization of a dream of glory.

Yet Mr. Hichens' stories are popular, not only with literary connoisseurs, but also with the general public, inasmuch as they owe their fascination not so much to an extreme refinement of art as to their freshness of imagination and dramatic intensity.

The admirably pure and tender heart, and the exquisite intellectual refinement implied in the Vicar and the Traveller, force us to love Goldsmith in spite of superficial foibles, and when Johnson prunes or interpolates lines in the Traveller, we feel as though a woodman's axe was hacking at a most delicate piece of carving.

Hence those agreeable sensations that come chiefly from the exercise of the imagination, which may be called the pleasures of sentiment, are available only to persons of a peculiar refinement of mind.

The brothers are thus described by one who knew them intimately:Thomas, as a man of homely manners, of hearty and genial character, and greatly beloved; John, as possessing a native refinement which made it easy for him in after-life to rise in social position, but whose reserved habits caused him to be less generally appreciated.

I do not remember that Homer any where falls into the Faults above-mentioned, which were indeed the false Refinements of later Ages.

They were mostly young men from England, and not unfrequently had considerable refinement; but ignorant of the treatment which book-keepers had to submit to, and allured by the prospect of becoming wealthy by plantership, they came to Jamaica and entered as candidates.

However well disposed to impress the natives with high notions of his extraordinary refinement and importance, he very soon discovered that, in Marston, he had stumbled upon a man of the world, and one thoroughly versed in the ways and characters of London life.

I have suffered from her the utmost refinements of caprice and treachery, and the coarsest tirades of abuse.

No 1 in the Awkward Squad of the rank and file of life, and yet had his glimmering notions of standing true to his colors, and in instinctive refinement of feeling was much above others who outranked him in birth and education.

In a short time he returned bringing with him a pleasant looking woman whose face in spite of the poverty of her dress had a look of genuine refinement which comes not so much from mingling with people of culture as from the culture of her own moral and spiritual nature.

On the contrary, the native grace and beauty of Oriana, and the gentle refinement of her manner, evidently struck them with surprise and pleasure, and made upon them all a most favorable impression.

The cardinal defect of some of Mrs. Haywood's romances-in-little lay, however, in a romantic over-refinement of the passions rather than in a too vigorous animalism.

He has none of that fastidious refinement and false delicacy, which might lead him to balance between the endless variety of modern attainments.

"It appears to me no more than a fanciful refinement."Ib., p. 436.

Absurd refinement of honor!

Smith was a large man, had a good head, and some cultivation and apparent refinement, and treated his women and children well.

It frequently happened, however; that, in the midst of his good humour, a characteristic refinement of tyranny would suggest itself to his mind.

She was considerably younger than our hero, was much taller, and her elegant refinements rendered her a very desirable object.

The dignity, the essential refinement and intelligencefor all their homely speechof these solidly built, strong-faced women, in the central districts of France, is still what it was when George Sand drew her Berri peasants, nearly a hundred years ago.

This frizzled condition may be called woolly, or in somewhat exaggerated refinement in the name may be attributed to the term "wool," all sorts of meanings akin to wool; in every case there is wanting to all the Indios the crinkling of the hair from its exit out of the follicle, whereby would result wide or narrow spiral tubes and the coarse appearance of the so-called "peppercorn."

They have a very accurate appreciation of sound and its varied meanings, and are pushed to use figures to help out or illustrate a meaning; but the excessive refinements of syntax, for which some contend, are theories in the minds of unpracticed collaborators.

108 adjectives to describe  refinement