51 adjectives to describe registering

The inhabitants of Col have increased considerably within these thirty years, as appears from the parish registers.

Historical register of Harvard University, 1636-1936.

Having received from the Admiralty the funds necessary for immediate operations, I have commenced with the photographic registers of the thermometers, dry-bulb and wet-bulb, from 1848 to 1868.Our chronometer-room contains at present 219 chronometers, including 37 chronometers which have been placed here by chronometer-makers as competing for the honorary reputation

" One noticeable feature about these comments is their sincerity: reviewing, however occasionally one-sided, had not then sunk to be the mere register of adverse or friendly cliques; and, with all his anxiety for its verdict, Byron never solicited the favour of any portion of the press.

Miles' weekly register: news magazine of the nineteenth century.

Go; thou shalt have thy reward; and if thou hast any particulars in thy secret register, let me be quickly possessed of them.

Therefore we are not without a precedent and a parallel, for the idea of a separate register.

We gall them in a tenfold chain, with an unrelenting spirit of barbarity, inconceivable to all but the spectators of it, unexampled among former and other nations, and unrecorded even in the bloody registers of heathen persecution.

"A Statistical Head, who will keep the medical statistics, case-books, meteorological registers," etc.

A youth could not be admitted unless he could prove his legitimacy of birth by his baptismal register; and, to obtain the freedom, he was bound to bear an irreproachable character.

A characteristic state of affairs is shown by the official register of free persons of color in Richmond County, Georgia, wherein lay the city of Augusta, for the year 1819.

At last, being unable to satisfy myself by any modes of reasoning, I wrote the numbers upon dice, and allotted five hours every day to the amusement of throwing them in a garret; and, examining the event by an exact register, found, on the evening before the lottery was drawn, that one of my numbers had been turned up five times more than any of the rest in three hundred and thirty thousand throws.

But these domestic alienations are not confined to those who once moved in the higher orders of societythe monthly registers announce almost as many divorces as marriages, and the facility of separation has rendered the one little more than a licentious compact, which the other is considered as a means of dissolving.

Mechanical explanation C-N2000 register; including illustrations, service helps, and inspection charts.

18 3 And of 1,700 tons gross register.

When she began to snore in her upper register and to hit the high C, he judged the coast was clear, and leaped lightly out of bed.

I propose that the letter to which we have just listened should be inscribed on the parliamentary register in order that it may descend to posterity."

He had for some time kept a journal in Latin of the state of his illness, and the remedies which he used, under the title of Aegri Ephemeris, which he began on the 6th of July, but continued it no longer than the 8th of November; finding, I suppose, that it was a mournful and unavailing register.

Behind a polished counter on which rested a nickeled cash register and a huge book, stood a white-haired man with a smooth Irish face and a pair of gold eyeglasses hanging by a black cord.

Its normal register in the Paumotus was 29.90, and it was quite customary to see it vacillate between 29.85 and 30.00, or even 30.05; but to see it as I saw it, down to 29.62, was sufficient to sober the most drunken pearl-buyer that ever incinerated smallpox microbes in Scotch whiskey.

Out of the letters which formed Hans Gensfleisch, for instance, he could make the word fisch which is the German for fishlang, longschein, shine; and it was a great delight to his mother as well as to himself, when he found too that he could put together the letters of her name, Lischen, just as they were also written on the parchment register of his birth.

Behold the grasse: a purple register Still blusheth in remembrance of our fight.

[Footnote 39: This was a quinquennial registering of every man's age, family, profession, property, and residence, by which the amount of his taxes was regulated.

To go back to the point of the registers, some may be shocked at the idea of a religious register at all, a register framed on the principle of religious belief.

Commutations were contrived for roguish registers and proctors, and lay chancellors, but not for the clergy.

51 adjectives to describe  registering