113 adjectives to describe reminiscences

Among my pleasantest reminiscences were the partly amateur and partly professional entertainments that took place at the celebrated seat of the distinguished author, Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, about the year 185-.

Harness became an accomplished clergyman and minor poet, and has left some pleasing reminiscences of his former patron.

It is the utter impossibility of peace, in a territory made by nature a geographical unity, inhabited by a people, or peoples, of one lineage, one language, bound together in historical reminiscences, yet divided into petty sovereign States too small for any respectable nationalities themselves, and yet preventing any beneficent nationality as a whole.

"Crockford's" has become a mere reminiscence, but worthy, in many respects, of being preserved as part of the history of London.

And even my father's namehe had never recalled it, except with regretful affection in his sad little reminiscences of older, pleasanter days.

And even my father's namehe had never recalled it, except with regretful affection in his sad little reminiscences of older, pleasanter days.

In all Parson Jones's after-life, amid the many painful reminiscences of his visit to the City of the Plain, the sweet knowledge was withheld from him that by the light of the Christian virtue that shone from him even in his great fall, Jules St.-Ange arose, and went to his father an honest man.

In the Georgics the phrase is merely a verbal reminiscence, for there is nothing in the context there to explain maxima.

Of the author's home-life we get many delightful reminiscences in "Praeterita," with entertaining talks of his childhood days, his youthful companions, his toys and animate pets, his early playful adventures in authorship, and other garrulities with which, late in life when the work, as it remains, was incompletely put together, he beguiled the weariness and feebleness of old age.

I have seen copies of the landscapes of the Italian painter Claude which seemed to me faint reminiscences of that calm and happy vision.

Further indebtedness has, it is true, been found to Spenser, but some hint of the transformation of Amarillis, a few names and an occasional reminiscence, make up the sum total of specific obligations.

His autobiographical reminiscences are very entertaining, especially that part of them which describes a voyage home to America, varied by a winter in Portugal, during the early part of his life.

In that work[A] he has done me much more than justice, and for this I thank him, with many good wishes for the success of this his new work, and with many thanks to those of the public who may take and feel an interest in such of my imperfect reminiscences as are here recorded.

If the story you have given has been within their range and on a familiar subject, a torrent of infantile reminiscence will immediately gush forth, and you will have a miniature "experience meeting."

It is possible that Stevenson's words here are an unconscious reminiscence of Colley Cibber's letter to the novelist Richardson.

The proceedings of the day before were peculiarly rich in funny reminiscences; and one tall, bright, curly-haired fellow was evoking roars of suppressed laughter by his capital mimicry of two of the dullest witnesses.

" If the two friends found in their occupation abundance of present employment, there was no lack either of entertaining reminiscences of early times, in which Charlotte took her part as well.

For a moment he held it dreamily before him, as if still engaged in gentle reminiscences called up by the act.

And then follows talk on the wonderful developments of trainingeven since last year; and some amusing reminiscences of the early days of England's astounding effort, by which vast mobs of eager recruits without guns, uniforms, or teachers, have been turned into the magnificent armies now fighting in France.

England's Helicon contains 'the Nymphs reply,' commonly attributed to Sir Walter Raleigh, and also a long imitation; Donne wrote a piscatory version, and Herrick paid it the sincerest form of flattery, while less distinct reminiscences are common in the poetry of the time.

He sallied forth into humorous reminiscence.

There is then nothing more in it than a somewhat vague reminiscence of a Roman custom with a very natural conjunction of terms which has always been the habit of a literary people.

" W.H. CONANT, Gossamer Rubber Co., Boston, Mass.:"I have read the book with great pleasure and it produced a vivid reminiscence of the striking events in base ball, so full of interest to all lovers of the game.

Two hundredth anniversary reminiscences of the First Presbyterian Church, Mendham, New Jersey, 1738-1938.

" I then related to her my childish reminiscences and speculations, which amused her not a little.

113 adjectives to describe  reminiscences