10 adjectives to describe remission

The year has now advanced eighteen days beyond the equinox, and still there is very little remission of the cold.

And the indulgence was originally an official remission of this penalty, to be gained by offerings of money to the Church for its sacred uses.

'Having had since our separation, little to say that could please you or myself by saying, I have not been lavish of useless letters; but I flatter myself that you will partake of the pleasure with which I can now tell you that about a week ago, I felt suddenly a sensible remission of my asthma, and consequently a greater lightness of action and motion.

4) does not necessarily require us to assume a subsequent remission of these taxes: it is sufficient, for the explanation of Polybius' words, to assume that the hitherto seignorial tax now became a public one.

The debtors responded by a cry for tabulae novae, or a sweeping remission of all debts.

His promises are made indefinite to all believers, generally spoken to all touching remission of sins that are truly penitent, grieved for their offences, and desire to be reconciled, Matt.

Esther's impatience was to be appeased, perhaps a little to her regret after all, by an unexpected remission of the time appointed between Mike and his first real engagement.

A couple of years later he applied his principle to the extreme case of an unlimited remission of taxation.

To discuss the difference between the Law and the Gospel, gratuitous remission of sins or imputed righteousness, is as if a man were to discuss whether a prince was to come on horseback, or in a chariot, or dressed in white or in red.

Did Christ say, that true repentance and actual faith would not save a soul, unless the priest's verbal remission was superadded? 'In fine.' If it were in my power I would have this book printed in a convenient form, and distributed through every house, at least, through every village and parish throughout the kingdom.

10 adjectives to describe  remission