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67 adjectives to describe reporters


Arkansas decisions reported in the South western reporter.

NORTH EASTERN REPORTER DIGEST, including cases reported in v. 141-155 North eastern reporter, edited by the editorial staff of the American digest system.

v. 9A. © 27Mar23, A705406. R60539, 5Apr50, West publishing Co. (PWH) DIGEST OF THE DECISIONS OF THE COURTS OF MISSOURI, Southwestern reporter v. 228-240, to July 1922.

North western reporter.

Southern reporter Southwestern reporter.

Southeastern reporter.

Northwestern reporter.

Mr. S.C. Hall, one of the parliamentary reporters of the paper, says, in his "Retrospect of a Long Life," that: "The day preceding the issue of the first number, Mr. Murray might have obtained a very large sum for a shore of the copyright, of which he was the sole proprietor; the day after that issue, the copyright was worth comparatively nothing....

Seay, reporter of decisions.

1934 annual, covering volumes 171-175, South eastern reporter.

And a famous descriptive reporter of the Sunday News had got lodgings, at a high figure, exactly opposite No. 29.

Isidore Bamberger and Mr. Feist had roused and let loose upon him a whole pack of hungry reporters and paragraph writers on both sides of the Atlantic.

He used his imagination in a way which often caused me to reflect that the police would be far more efficient if they possessed a dash of the same quality; and I had noticed that they were usually glad of his assistance, while his former connection with the force and his careful maintenance of the friendships formed at that time gave him an entrée to places denied to less-fortunate reporters.

In an account of confirming a number of people at Christ church a very conscientious printer-reporter said "Bishop Willoughby administered the rite of confirmation," when he should have said Bishop Whipple.

No wild theory of a pop-eyed reporter, hungry for fact, was too absurd to receive his careful attention.

Temporary South western reporter digest.

The scheme that he had outlined was followed out to the letter, with additions made as they occurred to the ingenious minds of the editor or of his clever young reporters who took an immense delight in running under the guise of news items, bits of reminder, gentle gibes at slowness, bland comments on ignorance of the commercial value of beauty, mild jokes at letting children do men's work.

My credentials being found satisfactory, the door was unlocked and I entered, accompanied by three enterprising reporters, whom, however, the sergeant summarily ejected and locked out, returning to usher me into the presence and to observe my proceedings with intelligent but highly embarrassing interest.

WISCONSIN AND NORTH WESTERN DIGEST, covering all cases reported in Wisconsin reports, Worth western reporter and all of the North Western States reports from the earliest times.

The eager reporter, the news-hunger, his non-committal statements.

pb id='321.png' /> Shepard's northeastern reporter citations. Shepard's Wisconsin citations, 1928.

This was the way in which a mere reporter on the Boulevard found himself installed at a five-o'clock tea-table in the salon of a château, where surely no newspaper man had ever before set foot and was presented as a young poet and novelist of the future to the old Marquise de Proby, whose guest the master was.

But she did not wait, and a pair of number eight shoes might have been seen by an inquisitive reporter, cutting around the corners and stamping up seven flights of stairs.

He was an invaluable reporter for a great Chicago paper, and in his zeal for news had run smack into the Germans at Malines, and had been at once whisked off by automobile to Brussels for trial as a spy.

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