366 adjectives to describe reports

ALABAMA AND SOUTHERN REPORTER DIGEST, covering all cases reported in Alabama reports, Alabama appellate reports and Southern reporter.

"Willow," he muttered, "I'm half inclined to believe that you've come to me to make an official report.

" The Carbrook Hospitalit has another name in the annual reports, but this will identify it sufficiently for our purposesspread itself all over the compound and beyond in its welcome to J.W. Joe and Marcia were first, and joyfullest.

Sometimes it was intimated to the teachers that I had been assisted in my exercises; at others, that I had infringed the college rules, or had put false reports in circulation, or had neglected some of the many ceremonies required by our religion.

NEW JERSEY miscellaneous reports.

It was broken by a sharp double report, one as of the fall of a metallic substance, the other caused by the body of Pulz, which, shaken loose from the truck by a heavy roll, smashed against the rail of the ship and splashed overboard.

The cattle were wild and the men were whipping them fearfully, the loud reports of the bull-whips sounding like gun-shots.

The accompanying report of the Secretary of the Navy will make you acquainted with the condition and useful employment of that branch of our service during the present year.

" This note disturbed Dick and Sam greatly, for they could understand how the evil report concerning them had been circulated at Hope Seminary, and how the girls had suffered in consequence.

In closing his preliminary report to the Secretary of War, made public on December 4, 1918, General Pershing expresses his feeling for the men who served with him, as follows: "I pay the supreme tribute to our officers and soldiers of the line.

From the first day of the German entry into Belgium brief and hazy reports of battles between the patriotic Belgians and the invaders came across the Atlantic.

Pope Innocent X. at the intercession of the Cardinal de Lugo, who was formerly a Spanish Jesuit, ordered the bark to be duly examined, and on the favourable report, which was the result of this examination, it immediately rose into high favour and celebrity.

I knew that alway, be there hurt therein Or utter innocence, to roam abroad Hath ill report for women; so I trod Down the desire thereof, and walked my way In mine own garden.

As for the learning which George imbibed under Mr. Veal, to judge from the weekly reports which the lad took home, his progress was remarkable.

In the mighty metropolis, too, the Great Dailiesthose ponderous engines of varied and inaccurate intelligencepublished detailed and mistaken reports of the whole affair, and had subtle editorial theories as to the nature of the crime.

When Gelsomina returned to her visitors, it was with a report favorable to their tranquillity.

There he receives the monthly reports of the four Mahârâjas, concerning the progress of good and evil in the world," etc., etc.]

Suddenly, while the Privy-Councillor lay back in his chair pulling thoughtfully at his cigar, there was a bright, blood-red flash, a dull report, and a man's short agonized cry.

Vague reports had already reached them from Acredale of the suspicious hostility in which the Democrats were held after Bull Run.

Advance California apellate reports.

Mr. Sharp accordingly went, and on his return made the following report: "He had a full opportunity," he said, "of explaining to Mr. Pitt that the desire of the committee went to the entire abolition of the Slave Trade.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives: I present for the consideration of Congress a report from the Secretary of War, relative to a compromise of title of the island on which Fort Delaware has been constructed.

Exaggerated reports spread from mouth to mouth, each teller of the story adding to it some details drawn from his own imagination, until, away down in the Second Form, it was confidently asserted that Oaks had called Mr. Grice a "little tin monkey," and that Allingford had boxed the master's ears; which enormities would most certainly result in the expulsion of the two offenders.

Eight miles of grading was completed, but the project was then abandoned in consequence of adverse reports received from experts, sent out for the purpose.

True, on first thought, entire stenographic reports of lectures appear desirable, but second thought will show that they may be dispensed with, not only without loss, but with much gain.

366 adjectives to describe  reports