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171 adjectives to describe residence

Little by little London was to take its place, a thing finally achieved by Edward I., when he removed the royal residence from Winchester.

After Boccaccio had taken up a permanent residence in Florence, he showed a lively interest in her political affairs, and fulfilled all the duties of a good citizen.

'All the Lands here are held of His Majesty's Castle of St Lewis [the governor's official residence in Quebec].

The outer rails are literally on the edge of the wood, and no more secluded spot can be imagined than thisthe favourite residence of their Majesties.

Temporary residence was allowed to our shipwrecked citizens, as well as to those who went to Simoda or Hakodate on commercial business.

It is not a desirable residence, you know, daddy.

DARIEN So walking, and so desultorily talking, they came out on a noble white highway that wound for miles along the bluffy edge of the upland overlooking the valley upon the one side, fronted by handsome residences on the other.

The ancient rule of imperial residence was, that the Sultan should sojourn six months in Fez, and six months in Morocco, the former the northern, and the latter the southern capital.

The principal residence of the family is now at Mugstot, at which there is a considerable building.

Upon the same spot was the favorite residence of Lorenzo Magnifico; concerning whose probable ponderings, as he sat upon his terrace, with his legs dangling over Florence, much may be learned from the guide-book of the immortal Murray, so that he who runs may read and philosophize.

Day after day John searched the papers in vain, until it seemed as if a suburban residence was the one thing in life unattainable.

He expends it principally in beautifying his delightful summer residence in Mackerelville.

The city of Zábul, however, as a constant residence, did not entirely satisfy him, and he wished to see more of the world; he therefore visited several other places, and proceeded as far as Kábul, where he pitched his tents, and remained for some time.

After five days very agreeable residence at Beauvais, I put myself in the diligence to return to Paris.

The Reverend Josiah Pettibones was used of a Saturday to take supper at Colonel Belford's elegant residence.

They nicknamed him the "Baker," as if he could supply them with bread, and began to clamor for him at least to take up an occasional residence among them in in his capital.

Of course, a leading barrister earning a huge income could afford to live in a palatial residence in Princes Gate, but it was not the locality or residence that an economically-minded man would have chosen for his home.

No Loudon or Downing is invoked for the contriving or beautifying of these villa-residences and this landscape-gardening.

Mr. Ford, who has been here four years, has a pleasant residence at Jedaida, a Christian suburb of the city.

This magnificent residence was built entirely of brick, and Captain Obadiah made it a boast that the material therefor was brought all the way around from New York in flats.

In February, 1878, my wife became tired of traveling, and proceeded to North Platte, Nebraska, where, on our farm adjoining the town, she personally superintended the erection of a comfortable family residence, and had it all completed when I reached there, early in May.

The car straightened out into a street of stately residences and scuttled along until the placid bosom of the Potomac came into view; beside that for a few minutes, then over the bridge to the Virginia side, in the dilapidated little city of Alexandria.

"An extraordinary taste is afflicting this country, in the way of architecture," said Mr. Effingham, as they stood gazing at the eastern shore; "nothing but a Grecian temple being now deemed a suitable residence for a man, in these classical times.

It is also studded with several genteel residences.

But on account of the many social demands made on him in the city, the place became distasteful to Dr. Whately, and he engaged a charming country residence called Redesdale, some four or five miles out of town.

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