129 adjectives to describe revenge

Now is the time for sweet revenge and for the overthrow of those Philistines, his brothers.

One fell lame shortly after; soon after each of the others lost an eye, and he that felled the tree, though warned of these misfortunes of the other men, would, notwithstanding, adventure to do it, and shortly afterwards broke his leg; as if the Hamadryads had resolved to take an ample revenge for the injury done to their venerable and sacred oak."

So would she for your Title, were you deform'd, and had no shape of Man about you; but me, because a little Citizen and Merchant, she so reviles, calling me base Mechanick, saucy Fellow; and wonders where I got the Impudence to speak of Love to herin fine, I am resolved to be reveng'd on all her Pride and Scorn; by Heav'n, I will invent some dire Revenge:I'm bent upon't, and will about it instantly.

If it can be made to seem as you say, have no fear that I will wink at mere revenge, or make the machinery of justice an instrument of family feuds.

This execution enraged without terrifying the rebels; they attacked the Welsh army, routed them, put them to the sword without mercy; and, having seized Pembroke, they took immediate revenge upon him for the death of their leader.

and those pursu'd like guilty me By rigid Laws, which put no difference 'Twixt fairly killing in my own Defence, And Murders bred by drunken Arguments, Whores, or the mean Revenges of a Coward.

" I clenched my fists and swore a fierce revenge for that dastardly act.

It is generally established as a rule, not to ask for soup or fish twice, as, in so doing, part of the company may be kept waiting too long for the second course, when, perhaps, a little revenge is taken by looking at the awkward consumer of a second portion.

There was intermingled the turbulent din of arms,the haughty passion, the sudden provocation, the swift revenge.

For the people had been cruelly trampled on, and were now panting for a cruel revenge.

They endeavoured to spread a report in other parts of the city, that Herod had condemned him, but still that it was necessary for the people likewise to express their wishes, as his partisans were to be feared; for that if he were released he would join the Romans, make a disturbance on the festival day, and take the most inhuman revenge.

We knew their barbarous custom; and, consequently, we were preparing for scenes of deadly revenge and insatiable fury to be acted by both parties, and which must have involved all settled here in destruction.

The latter's venomous caricature of Addison as Atticus shows how he took his petty revenge on a great and good man who had been his friend.

Lucrece disdain'd to live Longer than chaste; and boldly without fear Took sharp revenge on her enforced heart With her own hands: for that it not withstood

Wrongs stirred to the depths their moody tempers, and filled them with a brutal longing for indiscriminate revenge.

"That the slavery of the Negroes took its rise from a desire, in the purchasers, to save the lives of such of them as were taken captives in war, who would otherwise have been sacrificed to the implacable revenge of their conquerors."

A brave revenge.

But he shall finde, that in my fell revenge, I am a woman: one that never pardons The rude contemner of her proffered sweetness.

"Grant that my father had injured youisn't this rather too awful a revenge to exact?

That day was very near, as we have seen; but twenty-four hours remained for the conspirators to act in; and Mr. Jinks determined not to lose the opportunity to perfect and render satisfactory his bloody revenge.

V. resent, take amiss, take ill, take to heart, take offense, take umbrage, take huff, take exception; take in ill part, take in bad part, take in dudgeon; ne pas entendre raillerie [Fr.]; breathe revenge, cut up rough. fly into a rage, fall into a rage, get into a rage, fly into a passion; bridle up, bristle up, froth up, fire up, flare up; open the vials of one's wrath, pour out the vials of one's wrath.

But most people are coming to recognize that life is too short for deliberate, elaborate, cold-drawn revenge.

It was evident that the arrows used by the red men on this occasion were not poisoned, and no great or permanent evil was likely to arise from any of the wounds received; but a spirit of hostility had been established between the settlers and the Nausett tribe, to which their assailants belonged, and Rodolph was a marked man, and an object of determined revenge, to all who had shared in the conflict.

And justice urgeth some extreme revenge, To wreak the wrongs that have been offer'd us.

I had, indeed, a glorious revenge!

129 adjectives to describe  revenge