139 adjectives to describe ride

We had a very pleasant ride thither, down a beautiful valley, through which the river Wenning runs; had on our right hand a line view of Hornby Castle, now in part gone to decay.

"The sleeper'll carry us the best part of the way," said Ford, when at last they took their seats; "but we'll have a doleful little ride on a small railway, early in the morning.

In one of these daily rides, they met their fellow traveller, Mr. now Lord Harland.

This tall, handsome man who had stepped into her life and shared the secret of her father's strange affliction, weakness, was nothing more to her than one of the other tourists whom she sometimes chanced to see on her lonely rides and walks.

In an earlier passage (p. 138), in describing a rough ride in Mull, he says:'We were now long enough acquainted with hills and heath to have lost the emotion that they once raised, whether pleasing or painful, and had our minds employed only on our own fatigue.'

[Illustration: The A-rabs through the de-sert wide, On the swift Dro-me-dary ride.]

The last day of their weary ride, while passing a wood, the officer so far forgot his own character and Julia's misfortunes, as to offer personal indignities.

Dreary ride to Lochbuy.

"Oh, Redbud!" cried Miss Fanny, laughing, and shaking gaily her ebon curls, "you can't think what a delightful ride I've hadwith Ralph, you know, who has'nt been half as disagreeable as usual" "Come," interposed Ralph, "that's too bad!"

This shewed a kind of fretful impatience; nor was it to be wondered at, considering our disagreeable ride.

Sometimes, after a dusty ride of an hour or two, a five-minute halt under the trees by the roadside, gives opportunity to remove the dust from the face and to cool the hands, and the cologne is much better than the handkerchief "dipped in the pellucid waters of a rippling brook," a la novelist, for the pellucid brook of Massachusetts is very likely to run past a leather factory, in which case its waters are anything but agreeable.

That was the reason for this mad joy-ride from end to end of the German Empire, and that is the only apology which the author has to make for introducing the latest contributions to Germanic mythology into an otherwise serious work.

It grew dusky; and we had a very tedious ride for what was called five miles; but I am sure would measure ten.

The hospitable Watterbys had insisted that the travelers should all stay with them until the time for their several departures, and Bob and Betty had a last glorious ride on Clover and the ungainly white horse while the aunts rested and put the final touches to their preparations for their journey.

True to her contemptuous attitude toward Agony's plea that she break bonds no more, she had refused to tell Mrs. Grayson about her nocturnal canoe rides and thus had forced Agony to make good her threat and tell Mrs. Grayson herself.

LAST YEARS South American speculationCaptain Head, R.E.His rapid rides across the PampasHis return home and publication of his workResults of his missionMr.

The Chief Excursions are: To the Villages of Ges, Serres, Salles, and Ourousa lovely ride, 2 hours; horses, 4 frs.

Bob cried out to the Englishmen, saying, "Hold on, gentlemen, and I'll give you a lively ride, and show you how to stage it in the Rocky Mountains.

Nothing in the familiar old kitchen was hers, Angeline reflected, except Abraham, her aged husband, who was taking his last gentle ride in the old rocking-chairthe old arm-chair with painted roses blooming as brilliantly across its back as they had bloomed when the chair was first purchased forty years ago.

We had a brisk ride, and arrived in the immediate vicinity of the thieves' rendezvous at about ten o'clock in the morning.

O'ertortured by that ghastly ride, I felt the blackness come and go.

They are designed expressly to pass the time on long journeys or slow, wearisome rides after sheep or tired cattle; so the songs are sung conscientiously throughchorus and alland the last three words of the song are always spoken, never sung.

Rusty rides alone.

Leaving the captured horse in charge of Mr. Burges, I followed the rest; caught another after a smart ride of three miles, but it was not till I reached the East Irwin that I could again overtake the rest, when, favoured by the steep bank of the stream, I succeeded in securing our truant steeds.

Uncle Wiggily's snowball ride.

139 adjectives to describe  ride
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