115 adjectives to describe risk

"These be things forsooth worth a little risk.

I was liable at any moment to run into a party of his young men who might be out hunting, and as I had many enemies among the Sioux, I would be running considerable risk in meeting them.

Then it was our turn, and after what seemed to me a tremendous swishing and swirling at imminent risk of collision, we swung up to the open port, a line was flung out and made fast, and a moment later Godfrey and I and the other two men were aboard the liner.

I could run no unnecessary risks, under the danger that threatened us.

Do remember, since you would not let me run the slightest risk of harm, that if you come to hurt you will have killed me.

"Not as weak-willed blunderers have we under-taken the fearful risk of this war.

At the same time I admit that non-co-operation practised by the mass of people is attended with grave risks.

"It'd be an awful risk to trus' dem nice clo'es in de ole boat, suah.

VII.But Nasidius's ships were of no use, and soon left the fight; for the sight of their country, or the entreaties of their relations, did not urge them to run a desperate risk of their lives.

Coarse or refined, it is the universal protection, whether from the minor discomforts or the more frightful risks of war.

You had much better go home, however, and not take any foolish risks, and put your feet in hot water, and rub cologne on your temples, and do all the other suitable things" "I remember now," she continued, without any apparent emotion, and as though he had not spoken.

His recent biographers, Captain Mahan and Professor Laughton, feel constrained to tell us over and over again that Nelson's predominant characteristic was not mere 'headlong valour and instinct for fighting'; that he was not the man 'to run needless and useless risks' in battle.

If it were, then the contingent profit was worth the slight additional risk.

The fall air was cool and crisp, but it was not yet considered cold enough to justify the extra risk of holding a fight in-doors.

He was a Liberal when to be such was an "extra hazardous risk."

But the late memorable revolution in the Peninsula has given rise to so great a change in our political relations, and it is extremely improbable that these Islands will be again exposed to the same danger and alarm, that the government may now, without any apparent risk, dispense with a considerable part of the preparations of defence, at one time deemed indispensably necessary.

" "But it was a tremendous risk," I said.

I had never before visited her in Paris, though she had described her little place there to me when we knew each other in London; and in groping about trying to find another door or a window in the dark room, I ran constant risks of making my presence known by stumbling against the furniture or knocking down some ornament.

But on and after the twenty-first of July, it was impossible for me to approach him without extreme risk of being bitten.

So far as the Dover exit was concerned we stated that the narrowness of the waters, with the consequent risk to the enemy from our mines and torpedoes, had so far acted as a deterrent to his capital ships; we had to depend on the light forces at Harwich and Dover to deal with any enemy surface craft attacking the southern area from German ports.

I own,' he went on, 'it's a mighty risk to run, with Andrew in such a feeble case; yet I see no better way.'

It was this: If it falls to my lot to be indicted for this murderous offence, I will continue to keep my own counsel, as I have already done, in face of lesser provocation and at less dangerous risk.

A certain air, which can neither be assumed nor gotten rid of, proclaimed him a son of the ocean, while a wooden limb, which served to prop a portion of his still square and athletic body, sufficiently proved he was one who had not attained the experience of his hardy calling without some bodily risk.

No wounded man should be sent on a long railway journey to the base until he has passed through the hands of a skilled surgeon, and has been got into such a condition that the journey does not involve undue risk.

The point in question then, (let us weigh the immensity of the sacrifice,) the point in question is to rend in twain all the churches, to break in pieces all the societies, to expose to perilous risks all the great works that do honor to the United States.

115 adjectives to describe  risk
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