33 adjectives to describe royalty

All the diplomatic corps, foreign royalties, and commissioners of the different nations who were taking part in the exposition were invited.

There are other trees more beautiful and graceful, yet he is indisputably, undisputedly king, among lesser royalties and royal highnesses.

The first expresses that sense of inborn royalty which sustained Campanella through his long martyrdom.

What carest thou for earthly royalty?

This heraldic monster was regarded with deep respect by child Emily, a respect in no wise deserved, I venture to suppose, by the disreputable royalties of whom she was a fortunately distant twig.

People whose sense of taste, not to say of humour, may limit their statecraft had smiled at this monotonous and grandiose row of the dead bones of distinguished and mediocre royalty immortalized in marble to the exact number of thirty-two.

These were phrases too which Julius Caesar in the last two years of his life encouraged; for he had learned from Alexander's experience that the shortest cut through constitutional obstructions to supreme power lay by way of the doctrine of divine royalty.

All men are not privileged to cross-examine royalty, and especially future emperors.

In the cathedral at Strasburg, Philipson and his son meet with Margaret of Anjou, and the interview between the exiled Queen, and as we should now call Philipson, the Earl of Oxford, and his son, is one of the most interesting scenes in the whole work; for there is a tinge of melancholy in fallen royalty which is always extremely touching:] There was a pause.

But these were the only glimpses female royalty ever had of the outer world.

To-morrow, then, these footsore royalties, the Queen of England and the Prince of Wales, would be thrust out-of-doors to resume the weary beggarship, to knock again upon the obdurate gates of this unsympathizing king or that deaf emperor.

Carver, in his travels among the Winnebagoes, describes two queens, one nominally so, like Queen Victoria; the other invested with a genuine royalty, springing from her own conduct.

Bosio was watching her, and he could not help admiring her lithe figure and small, well-poised head, that had a sort of girlish royalty of carriage not at all connected with beauty; for she was not beautiful, and she herself knew that there were times when she was almost ugly.

These proprietors had all the inferior royalties and subordinate powers of legislation.

Alas, that the common lot of Grub Street should have precedent in the person of laurelled royalty itself!

There may be limited royalty, there may be limited consulship; but there can be no limited government.

All great Governments are nothing else but Clusters of these little private Royalties, and therefore I consider the Masters of Families as small Deputy-Governors presiding over the several little Parcels and Divisions of their Fellow Subjects.

How little did they know that their badges of mock royalty were at that moment converted into the signals of absolute dominion, and the instruments of irresistible power!

From a notice of "Three Weeks": "The Queen of Croatia, one of those convenient operatic Balham royalties...."Liverpool Daily Post. Won't Tooting be jealous!

And though he would admit that the trade had been ruined by competition and the outrageous royalties demanded by successful authors, and, further, that he made a loss on every separate department of his business, in some mysterious fashion the business as a whole continued to pay him very well.

I think I am doing the noble Lord no injustice in saying that, during his remarkable Vice-royalty, he did not accept the necessity for political concession, but trusted to efficiency.

Then he raised his head, with rude royalty, and gave judgment in cold and even tones: "The man remains.

Thus he departed from the island, leaving these pirates to enjoy their savage royalty.

In the last century and a half, the nation was often afflicted with sensual royalty, bloody wars, venal statesmen, corrupt constituencies, bribery and violence at elections, flagitious drunkenness pervading all ranks, and insinuating itself into Colleges and Rectories.

Her right hand holds the sceptre and the keys, To show whom she commands, and who obeys: With these to bind, or set the sinner free, With that to assert spiritual royalty.

33 adjectives to describe  royalty
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