212 adjectives to describe running

Does he sing with vibratory notes and little runs, as in bird-music?

They used to sing a song: 'Run nigger run, The patyroles Will get you.' "Yes'm, the War separated lots of families.

"Now, thena fast run and a hard bump!" called Darrin.

big-sounding words, high-sounding words; macrology^, sesquipedalia verba [Lat.], Alexandrine; inflation, pretension; rant, bombast, fustian, prose run mad; fine writing; sesquipedality^; Minerva press.

At the door he found that the gambler, with his canvas sack under his arm, had turned to the right toward the line of saddle horses which stood in the shadow; and no sooner did he reach the gloom at the side of the building than he broke into a soft, swift run.

The clash and clang rose and fell with a measured beat; but the smooth running of his engines did not account for all Lister's satisfaction.

Had their vocabulary run so low that a single word could not be eked out for the occasion?

or whatever is customary on these occasions, to complete the resemblance to a brisk run with the Quorn.

From now on their progress would be faster, and if they wished they could leave Toby to come along with the wagon while they opened up and made a speedy run for home.

But this ray of hope was immediately dimmed by the curious action of MacManus, who, forgetting that he was not on the football field, and receiving the ball unexpectedly, made a brilliant run down the field with it, carrying it firmly against his body.

Abstracted, contemplative air, A sudden run and stop, A glance indifferent round about, Head poisedanother hop.

The loose horses did not leave camp, but kept up a constant running and snorting for some time.

This was a pretty big job for one man, but with trees lining both sides of a narrow run, where the deer went to drink, I managed to weave willow branches into the spruce trees and make a stout barrier.

The Ramblin' Kid held Captain Jack to a steady run a couple of hundred yards in the rear of the speeding mare.

Thursday afternoon we had our cross-country run and the ground was horribly stiff.

"It appears that all his friends, conspicuous among whom was Mr. Walter Hatherell, tried their very best to dissuade him from pitting his luck against that of Cohen, who had been having a most unprecedented run of good fortune.

Much of it is taken up with enthusiastic description of Mr. Smith's favorite horses and hounds, of the astonishing qualities of Rory O'More, of the splendid runs made by Fireship and Lightboat, of the notable improvement made in the Suffolk pack by Mr. Smith's judicious system of crossing.

It is self-love which gives us those flat, empty adagios, those cold, keen runs and embellishments.

For a moment she supposed that there must have been a considerable run on lard during the previous evening, while she was teaching night school, with Miles on duty in the store.

In three days of hard work a cattle pony might wear down these blooded animals, but would find it impossible to either overtake or escape them in a straight run.

She felt a queer delightful thrill run through her blood.

His cap was lost, and his thin hair tangled over his forehead, his coat was torn off, so that he stood in his waistcoat alone; he was pale, and gasped terribly, whether from the sharp run, or from violence, or fear, or all combined.

Fast running will save us, maybe.

The former has boats under construction 148 ft. long, 15 ft. beam, to make 420 revolutions with 130 lb. of steam, the guaranteed speed being 23 knots on a continuous run of two hours' duration, with a load of 15 tons.

That period past, another sun Shall not his annual journey run, Before a secret silent foe, Shall strike that boy a deadly blow.

212 adjectives to describe  running