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212 adjectives to describe  running

212 adjectives to describe running

Does he sing with vibratory notes and little runs, as in bird-music?

They used to sing a song: 'Run nigger run, The patyroles Will get you.' "Yes'm, the War separated lots of families.

"Now, thena fast run and a hard bump!" called Darrin.

big-sounding words, high-sounding words; macrology^, sesquipedalia verba [Lat.], Alexandrine; inflation, pretension; rant, bombast, fustian, prose run mad; fine writing; sesquipedality^; Minerva press.

At the door he found that the gambler, with his canvas sack under his arm, had turned to the right toward the line of saddle horses which stood in the shadow; and no sooner did he reach the gloom at the side of the building than he broke into a soft, swift run.

The clash and clang rose and fell with a measured beat; but the smooth running of his engines did not account for all Lister's satisfaction.

Had their vocabulary run so low that a single word could not be eked out for the occasion?

or whatever is customary on these occasions, to complete the resemblance to a brisk run with the Quorn.

From now on their progress would be faster, and if they wished they could leave Toby to come along with the wagon while they opened up and made a speedy run for home.

But this ray of hope was immediately dimmed by the curious action of MacManus, who, forgetting that he was not on the football field, and receiving the ball unexpectedly, made a brilliant run down the field with it, carrying it firmly against his body.

Abstracted, contemplative air, A sudden run and stop, A glance indifferent round about, Head poisedanother hop.

The loose horses did not leave camp, but kept up a constant running and snorting for some time.

This was a pretty big job for one man, but with trees lining both sides of a narrow run, where the deer went to drink, I managed to weave willow branches into the spruce trees and make a stout barrier.

The Ramblin' Kid held Captain Jack to a steady run a couple of hundred yards in the rear of the speeding mare.

Thursday afternoon we had our cross-country run and the ground was horribly stiff.

"It appears that all his friends, conspicuous among whom was Mr. Walter Hatherell, tried their very best to dissuade him from pitting his luck against that of Cohen, who had been having a most unprecedented run of good fortune.

Much of it is taken up with enthusiastic description of Mr. Smith's favorite horses and hounds, of the astonishing qualities of Rory O'More, of the splendid runs made by Fireship and Lightboat, of the notable improvement made in the Suffolk pack by Mr. Smith's judicious system of crossing.

It is self-love which gives us those flat, empty adagios, those cold, keen runs and embellishments.

For a moment she supposed that there must have been a considerable run on lard during the previous evening, while she was teaching night school, with Miles on duty in the store.

In three days of hard work a cattle pony might wear down these blooded animals, but would find it impossible to either overtake or escape them in a straight run.

She felt a queer delightful thrill run through her blood.

His cap was lost, and his thin hair tangled over his forehead, his coat was torn off, so that he stood in his waistcoat alone; he was pale, and gasped terribly, whether from the sharp run, or from violence, or fear, or all combined.

Fast running will save us, maybe.

The former has boats under construction 148 ft. long, 15 ft. beam, to make 420 revolutions with 130 lb. of steam, the guaranteed speed being 23 knots on a continuous run of two hours' duration, with a load of 15 tons.

That period past, another sun Shall not his annual journey run, Before a secret silent foe, Shall strike that boy a deadly blow.

But he came to a place, at last, where a little creek crossed the road, a cool spring run, and he knelt down by it and quenched his thirst, and considered that if he had been in a wagon he would have missed the drink.

The poor hare does not know what to make of the hawks; after a little running, it gives itself up for death, only first dodging out of the bird's pounce, or hiding itself in a tuft of grass or a bush, but which it is not long allowed to do, for the Arabs soon drive it out from its vain retreat.

but I believe I have a learned faith, Sir, and that's it makes a Gentleman of my sort; though I can speak no Greek, I love the sound of 't, it goes so thund'ring as it conjur'd Devils: Charles speaks it loftily, and if thou wert a man, or had'st but ever heard of Homers Iliads, Hesiod, and the Greek Poets, thou wouldst run mad, and hang thy self for joy th' hadst such a Gentleman to be thy Son:

The conversation over the cigars had turned, therefore, in the direction of horses and horsemen, with reminiscences of phenomenal runs where foxes had led the pack from end to end of a county, and been overtaken at last by two or three limping hounds and a huntsman on foot, while every rider in the field had been pounded.

We got a slant of wind yesterday afternoon, and going on 5 hours we converted our wretched morning run of 3 1/2 miles into something over 9.

A sorcerer runs for sheriff.

The fastest time ever made by a steam locomotive of which there is any record, was the run of five miles from Fleming to Jacksonville, Florida, in two and a half minutes by a Plant system locomotive in March, 1901.

"O Oysters," said the Carpenter, "You've had a pleasant run!

Other scorers gave Speaker a clean home run and it is not far out of the way to say that he deserved the benefit of the doubt.

The ponies are to begin work to-morrow; they did nothing to-day, but the motor sledges did wellthey are steadying down to their work and made nothing but non-stop runs to-day.

"Yes." "Pretty fair run of game?" "Rather.

The next instant the propeller became a whirring blur, and the aeroplane, after a brief preliminary run, began to climb upward.

And while an undercurrent of melancholy runs through most of it, it is, after all, the faithful interpreter of the lives of isolated and solitary occupants of fjords, fjelds, and dalen.

Whether at Nรญshapรบr or Babylon, Whether the Cup with sweet or bitter run, The Wine of Life keeps oozing drop by drop, The Leaves of Life keep falling one by one.

And, too, the playerthe dexterity of his left hand in making rapid octave runs and jumps was little short of marvelous; and with his right hand he frequently swept half the keyboard with clean-cut chromatics which he fitted in so nicely as never to fail to arouse in his listeners a sort of pleasant surprise at the accomplishment of the feat.

" Neither is it right that you should entertain a constant run of company at your house, incurring unnecessary expense, taking up your own time and that of the servants beyond what is needful for your own comforta woman to cook and wash for you, milk, make butter, and so on.

In some cases the face is made of extra thickness, and a rim not so thick runs round it, forming a step or recess for the reception of brass rivets, the heads of which are clear of the face.

Where, from above, the milder sun Does through a fragrant zodiac run:

It bounded so far back that Stahl scored the tieing run of the game.

There never was a more good-natured man or a more genial host, and he would tell you of as many tremendous runs he had had as Herne the hunter.

Evil and good run strong in me, haling me both ways.

Though she was no more vain than a pretty young woman ought to be, she consented to an experimental run, with an undertone of conviction that the car would become her as a background.

The Dufour maps are good for direction and lie of country, but their scale being 1 in 100,000 they are not much help for actual running.

The mode of pillaging the shops, for instance, was first devised by the Parisian ladies, and has lately been adopted with great success in the departments; the visite domiciliaire, also, which I look upon as a most ingenious effort of fancy, is an emanation from the commune of Paris, and has had an universal run.

It was not the glorious run from the edge of some nearby thicket to the top of a small hill, as many may imagine.

I took, therefore, a vigorous run, and leaping with all my strength, landed, somewhat to my own surprise, a full yard on the other side of the ditch.

And I doubt if even now some of the young ladies have quite got over that brief but extraordinary run on the so-called 'foreign stamp.'

The canoes were run down emptya hazardous run, in which one of them upset.

He was a bright boy, so the tale runs, healthy and strong, and he had seen thirteen suns, in their way of reckoning time.

On the way over, the King, listening to their doubts and fears, turned back himself once, but Absalon, who always led in the attack and was the last on the homeward run, overtook him and gave him the talking to be deserved.

Of a former visit to Versailles we had retained little more than the usual tourist's recollection of a hurried run through a palace of fatiguing magnificence, a confusing peep at the Trianons, a glance around the gorgeous state equipages, an unsatisfactory meal at one of the open-air cafรฉs, and a scamper back to Paris.

an ill run at play Blanked his bold visage, and a thin third day: Swearing and supperless the hero sate, Blasphemed his gods, the dice, and damned his fate; Then gnawed his pen, then dashed it on the ground, Sinking from thought to thought, a vast profound! Plunged for his sense, but found no bottom there; Yet wrote and floundered on in mere despair.

As every proper farmer's boy has long, long thoughts of magic oceans, spice isles and clipper ships, so I will warrant every normal Naval officer dreams of a little place in the grass counties, a stableful of long-tails and immortal runs with the Quorn and Pytchley.

When the sickened spectators are about to lynch the murderer, the imp runs in smiling from the garden gate.

On no mountain of either Europe or Asiaand mountains formed a large part of the Ottoman empire in bothdid the imperial writ run.

Even if it only goes down some 100 or 200 feet, the friend who goes after it and brings it back often has a good deal to say, and you are lucky if the Ski has not struck a rock or tree and got broken in its independent run.

' 'The most infernal run of luck, sire,' said the soldier, 'I give you my word that the ace fell four times running.' 'Ta, ta, you are a child, with no sense of the value of money.

Removal from infested runs; a thorough change of food, hemp seed and green vegetables figuring largely in the diet; and for drinking, instead of plain water, an infusion of rue and garlic.

This was, no doubt, all right from his point of view, but what of the people who might go out to look for him among the infinite possible runs with Ski tracks in every direction.

The side valleys, Fluela, Dischma and Sertig, all offer innumerable good runs to the energetic runner who does not object to climbing, and there are endless Nursery slopes.

I was to have the inside run of the great banking business of Randolph & Randolph, and Bob was eventually to represent my father's firm on the floor of the Stock Exchange.

It was an intellectual running of the gantlet, and Gotzkowsky's heart bled from the blows, and his feet were tired to death.

In the present case, these lines may be due to variations in the transparency of the air during the time of exposure, or to instrumental causes, such as irregular running of the driving clock, or slight changes in the motion of the telescope, resulting from the manner in which its polar axis is supported.

reply I, steadily; but even as I speak, a sharp jealous pain runs through my heart.

" Bid me not love, bid a deaf man hear, a blind man see, a dumb speak, lame run, counsel can do no good, a sick man cannot relish, no physic can ease me.

This gained considerably by revision, and in the later text runs as follows: Ciascun segua, o Bacco, te; Bacco, Bacco, oรจ oรจ.

He hears, like winds lone muffled 'mong the hills, The lazy river run; From shade of covert woods, the eager rills Bound forth into the sun.

Whenever he thought of his stupidity, which was every score of steps, he would break into a little trot that made the willows along the creek on his left run into a yellowish green blur.

Remember that with every breath we draw, an ethereal stream of Lethe runs through our whole being, so that we have but a partial recollection of our joys, and scarcely any of our sorrows.

I gave it as my opinion that a man might possibly go through without seeing an Indian, but that the chances were ten to one that he would have an exceedingly lively run and a hard time before he reached his destination, if he ever got there at all.

Holland experimented with water-gas in the furnace of a locomotive running on the Long Island Railroad.

The Alderman will have a lucky run of it!"

The conductor has nothing to do with the mechanical running of the train, though he receives the orders and is, in a general way, responsible.

Dips in the rolling land, mere dry runs save at this season, became creeks; flushed to their capacity and beyond, sang softly all the day long.

This superfluity of bogs seems always in earlier times to have been expeditiously set down by all historians and agriculturists as part of the general depravity of the Irish native, who had allowed his good lands,doubtless for his own mischievous pleasureto run to waste; bogs being then supposed to differ from other lands only so far as they were made "waste and barren by superfluous moisture."

In England it is indeed man's, the wild things live by sufferance, grow on lease, everywhere the roads, the fences, and absolute security runs.

In various garbs promiscuous throngs appeared; Thick as the bees that with the spring renew Their flow'ry toils, and sip the fragrant dew, When the winged colonies first tempt the sky, O'er dusky fields and shaded waters fly; Or, settling, seize the sweets the blossoms yield, And a low murmur runs along the field.

Peasant and nobleman are musical alikeit runs in the race.

He drew them at the very moment the alarm is sounded, and the men all naked run to arms; so splendid is their action, that nothing survives of ancient or of modern art, which touches the same lofty point of excellence; and, as I have already said, the design of the great Lionardo was itself most admirably beautiful.

As a native rhyme runs: "After Malachy, son of Donald, Each man ruled his own tribe, But no man ruled Erin.

'I tell you, Tommy, we had a near run for it.

In his own Line this Oliver was as neat and easy-running as a Red Buggy, but when you started him on the topic of Music he was about as light and speedy as a Steam Roller.

And still there are six runs neededfive to tie and six to win.

And when life's sands are well nigh run And all thy work on earth is done, In patience wait and trust, That He whose promises are sure Will number you among the pure, The righteous and the just.

* Sealman had the air of slowing down, after an unusually long nonstop run, to show off his acquaintance with the country.

The fugitives were traced, and followed from point to point, on their northward run through Ohio.

'He means,' Mr. Potter interpolated, in his small, nasal voice, 'that he has obtained a small and subordinate job with a firm of publishers, and hopes also to contribute to an obscure weekly paper run by a friend of his.' 'Oh,' said Mrs. Frank.

After thy beard obsequious run, I always fancy that I meet Some father followed by his son.

Unless in the teeth of a most obstinate run of cards, he would be sure to win against Scarborough's apparent forgetfulness of all rules, and ignorance of the peculiarities of the game he was playing.

Occasional running makes an almost inappreciable difference.

But ef you en young miss dere doan' min' lis'nin' ter a ole nigger run on a minute er two w'ile you er restin', I kin 'splain to you how it all happen'.

An omnibus runs between the village and the station during the summer months.

This animal was now lying down near the table, so tired and footsore from almost perpetual running that he thought it too much trouble to get up and eat.

Finally she upbraided me harshly for a playful run across the yard with Courage, and I lost my temper, and grumbled.

This superfluity of bogs seems always in earlier times to have been expeditiously set down by all historians and agriculturists as part of the general depravity of the Irish native, who had allowed his good lands,doubtless for his own mischievous pleasureto run to waste; bogs being then supposed to differ from other lands only so far as they were made "waste and barren by superfluous moisture."