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144 adjectives to describe sadnesses

And therefore I must ask, in sober sadness, how long would His influence last?

I hear its voice When thy hand sends the sound along the gale, Swept from the silver strings or on mine ear Drops the sweet sadness!

" The febrile gleam died out of his eyes, to be replaced by a look of infinite sadness.

He was filled with unutterable sadness.

Her own lips moved, but she looked at me with an inexpressible sadness.

[Footnote O: There is a striking passage in Seneca's treatise De Consolatione, which may, perhaps, be not unfairly regarded as the expression of a sentiment common among the better heathens in regard to death,a sentiment of profound sadness.

At first Julian was stunned, and then a sudden lassitude and an immense sadness came over him.

" Then Pascal, filled with an overwhelming sadness, gave up the contest.

What caused this evident sadness is unknown; but it is generally attributed to some personal experience, coupled with the political misfortunes of his friends, Essex and Southampton.

And though, at length, she became calm and resigned, and never was heard to utter one murmur at this fresh stroke of sorrow, yet her pensive sadness became more confirmed, and plainly showed that she mourned for Fingal, not only as her lost companion, but also as a connecting link between her own heart and the memory of her lamented brother.

20 Birds warbled round meand each trace Of inward sadness had its charm; Kilve, thought I, was a favoured place, And so is Liswyn farm.

A feeling of gentle sadness was penetrating her; her heart-wound had reopened even amid all her joy at seeing her children assembled around her.

See by that feeble, glimm'ring ray, Low seated on the damp chill ground A mother sits, whose tearful eye Is cast in gloomy sadness round.

His hair was just beginning to be touched with silver, and his expression was that of habitual sadness and anxiety.

These thoughts brought the mulatto an unspeakable sadness, not only for his own particular death, but that this idea, this great redeeming truth, which burned so brightly in his brain, would in another moment flicker out, unrevealed, and be no more.

Tell me frankly, Rosa, do you love this young man?" She looked up suddenly, and, seeing the extreme sadness of his face, she exclaimed: "O Alfred, if you have thought that, I must tell you all.

She said to him in a low tone: "So you love me still?" He looked at her with an indescribable sadness: "No, I don't love you any longer"and he staggered down the stairs.

The boy smiles at you from the canvas, smiles ambiguously,smiles with a woman's mouth, set above a resolute chin, however,and with a sort of humorous sadness in his eyes.

"I do not know why," he answered, with a solemn sadness and emphasis in his tone which was, as I think, he intended it to be, a partial revelation to her, and a warning.

The effect of these considerations, added to that of Lucy's remark, was to change the discourse, and we conversed long, in melancholy sadness, of her we had lost, for this life, altogether.

And beholding the reproachful sadness of those clear, virgin eyes, Beltane, abashed by her very beauty, bowed his head, and turning, stumbled away and thus presently finding himself within the cave, threw himself down and clasped his head within fierce hands.

Then, with a sudden sadness, she added: "I've got three chil'ren in Carolina.

At which the latter replied haughtily, "My father's a gentleman, and keeps his carriage;" and Mr. William Dobbin retreated to a remote out-house in the playground, where he passed a half-holiday in the bitterest sadness and woe.

There was a look of dejection and intense sadness on the thin worn face, and a hungry look in the mournful eyes, as if his soul had been starving for kindness and sympathy.

It is an instrument of many tones, running through the whole scale of humanity; from the lightest gayety to the gravest sadness; from the large interests of nations to the humblest affairs of the smallest individual.

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