7 adjectives to describe said

Indeed, he had little say in any matters except meals, which he still took in liquid form.

Why, that this place is death, As being thy Tent, environ'd with thy slaves, Where if I kill thee tis impossible To scape with life: this, Burbon, thou wouldst say.

And Susan, she did write back immediate an' say, 'My poor bwoy, there be a sad surprise in store for you.'

S'pose we scratch it out an' say, 'A man ought to be 'appy when 'e can call 'er 'isn'?

Tys most straunge: He is as valyent as is victorye, And dare uppon a roughe say [sea?] hye as heaven Court all amazed daunger.

A medlar the fewer on the three-legged medlar-tree!I say, Dom Nicolas, it'll be cold to-night on the St. Denis Road?"

"Eh!" cried old Oliver in a wailing voice, "I don't know whatever the dear Lord 'ill say to that.

7 adjectives to describe  said