26 adjectives to describe salad

Mark had abundance of delicious salad, young onions, radishes that seemed to grow like mushrooms, young peas, beans, &c., in quantities that enabled him to turn the hogs out on the Reef, and keep them well on the refuse of his garden, assisted a little by what was always to be picked up on the rocks.

No raw salads; but as Laurentius prescribes, in broths; and so Crato commends many of them: or to use borage, hops, baum, steeped in their ordinary drink.

Lye is the grand salad of arbitrary government, executor to the star-chamber and the high commission; for those courts are not extinct, they survive in him like dollars changed into single money.

Luscious grapes and crisp salad, which Belgian gardeners grow with meticulous care, I remember of it.

As member of the War Cabinet and Secretary of the Labour Party, he seems to have resembled one of those twin salad bottles from which oil and vinegar can be dispensed alternately but not together.

Cover with a plain salad dressing.

I know not what is more remarkable; the insane lucidity of his conclusions, the humorous eloquence of his language, or his power of method, bringing the whole of life into the focus of the subject treated, mixing the conversational salad like a drunken god.

Garnish this salad with the chopped yolks and whites of hard-boiled eggs, being careful to have the whites and yolks separate.

20 Because the Lion's peace was now proclaim'd: The wary savage would not give offence, To forfeit the protection of her prince; But watch'd the time her vengeance to complete, When all her furry sons in frequent senate met; Meanwhile she quench'd her fury at the flood, And with a lenten salad cool'd her blood.

But he went through with the rest of it, for he felt it was the truest economy to get his money's worth, and the limp salad in bad oil and the ice-cream of sour milk made him feel that eating was a positive pain rather than a pleasure; and in this state of mind and body, drugged and disgusted, he lighted his pipe and walked slowly towards the club along Twenty-sixth Street.

They likewise give piquancy to mixed salads. Chestnuts.

Hattie Chapman stormed the fortress of boned turkey with a gusto equal to that of Laura, and made highly successful raids upon certain outlying salads and jellies.

Equal quantities of cold boiled beets and cold boiled potatoes, chopped fine, thoroughly mixed, and served with a dressing of lemon juice and whipped cream, make a palatable salad.

Any preferred salad dressing may be used.

Sufficient for a moderate-sized salad.

There was a Bohemian flavour in the little walk to the great fruit garden, which was odorous of bruised peaches and stale salads as they passed it.

Mayonnaise Sauce. Put the yolk of an egg in a basin and mix in a teaspoonful mustard and 3 or 4 tablespoonfuls salad oil, by a few drops at a time, beating all the while with a fork.

The common garden lettuce of the present day is a hardy plant, which supplies an agreeable, digestible, and, when served with a wholesome dressing, unobjectionable salad.

In fact, our ancestors much appreciated salads, for there was not a banquet without at least three or four different kinds.

" Phil sat silent with down cast eyes on his almost untasted salad.

"I will not attempt to deny that that complicated and exceedingly Frenchified salad is concocted from certain remainders that were set away in the refrigerator after yesterday's dinner.

1340 Pork 835-6 Veal and ham 1841 Raisin, the 1327 Raisins, cheese 1587 Grape 1324 Pudding, baked 1336 boiled 1337 Ramakins, pastry 1650 To serve with cheese course 1649 Raspberry, and currant salad 1592 tart 1267 Cream 1175 Jam 1588 Jelly 1589 Vinegar 1828 Raspberries, red and white 1267

" "Rather a dull salad I call it," commented Gilbert.

INGREDIENTS.1 hen lobster, lettuces, endive, small salad (whatever is in season), a little chopped beetroot, 2 hard-boiled eggs, a few slices of cucumber.

It was her favorite salad, and she had made it with unusual care, never dreaming that I would not like it as well as she did.

26 adjectives to describe  salad