34 adjectives to describe sample

They seemed to be greatly impressed with my account of the loss of seamen in the trade, and with the little samples of African cloth which I had procured for their inspection.

They are the mere samples of hundreds of similar ones published during the same period, with which, as the preceding are quite sufficient to show the commonness of inhuman floggings in the slave states, we need not burden the reader.

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This precious sample of the mode in which the vices of the whites procure the intellectual progress of the blacks to their own endangerment, was, as you will easily believe, a significant chapter to me in the black history of oppression which is laid before my eyes in this place.]

Among children occur the most exquisite samples of the kind designated as the angelic child.

Their women were skilled in embroidery, a splendid sample of which is preserved in the famous Bayeux tapestry, in which the conqueror's wife, Matilda, and the ladies of her court wrought the history of the Conquest.

The book is a striking sample of a numerous species.

You're three brilliant Starmen and you're a credit to Starlight Enterprise-but your next adventure could be as unglamorous as mapping geological samples in the canyons of Mercury.

The Turks in overwhelming force met a most stubborn defence by the Middlesex Yeomanry, and if the enemy took these London yeomen as an average sample of General Allenby's troops, this engagement must have given them a foretaste of what was in store for them.

"In the meantime the proportion of the amorphous 'red clay' to the calcareous elements of all kinds increases, until the latter disappear, with the exception of a few scattered shells of the larger Foraminifera, which are still found even in the most characteristic samples of the 'red clay.'

Wynter Blyth, who gives the only analyses of annatto I have been able to find, states that the composition of a fair commercial sample (which I take to mean the raw article) examined by him was as follows: water, 24.2; resin, 28.8; ash, 22.5; and extractive, 24.5; and that of an adulterated (which I take to mean a manufactured) article, water, 13.4; resin, 11.0; ash (iron, silica, chalk, alumina, and common salt), 48.3; and extractive.

And here I beg my readers to recollect that I am in no way answerable for the speculations, either of Lancelot or any of his acquaintances; and that these papers have been, from beginning to end, as in name, so in nature, Yeastan honest sample of the questions, which, good or bad, are fermenting in the minds of the young of this day, and are rapidly leavening the minds of the rising generation.

and this is mentioned as a mere first essay, an immature sample of what the improved steam-paddles are to effectalso in Time; who after this can doubt the approaching perfectibility of Mars?

These engines are magnificent samples of the most powerful express engines of the present day.

He has been a lawyer's clerk; and he looks, to my mind, rather a mean, underhand sample of that sort of man.

Cards were far most frequently employed, and the odds in their case may be taken as a fair medium sample, according to which, out of a whole series of three hundred and eighty-two trials, the average number of successes at the first attempt by an ordinary guesser would be seven and one-third.

" "All truebut about WilliamsburgI was, I say, a melancholy sample of the effect produced by a kind and friendly speech from a lady.

" Stella digested this in silence, but it occurred to her that this mild sample of lawlessness was quite in keeping with the men and the environment.

" "This here wash silk, Mrs. C., would" "Send me up a dress-pattern off this coral-pink sample for Selene.

There is no prettier sample extant of the powers of the inductive method.

He has been a lawyer's clerk; and he looks, to my mind, rather a mean, underhand sample of that sort of man.

There is clearly nothing particularly striking in all that, even conveyed as it is in Sterne's effective, if loose and careless, style; and it is no unfair sample of the whole.

The Song of Roland alone is an admirable sample of epic poesy in France, and the only monument of poetical genius in the middle ages which can have a claim to national appreciation in the nineteenth century.

Better woven samples are in the Gewerbe Museum of Trade and Commerce.

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34 adjectives to describe  sample