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47 adjectives to describe « sandwich »

47 adjectives to describe « sandwich »

  • Open sandwiches are very common in Scandinavian countries, e.g. in Denmark "smørrebrød" is an open sandwich.
  • Presently tea came, and thin little sandwiches and cigars, and over these the commander-in-chief spoke with complete cheerfulness of the general situation.
  • He spoke earnestly, as was his custom when eating was in question, and Sylvia served him earnestly and carefully, with an instant harmonious response to his mood, putting in exactly the right amount of rum and sugar to suit his taste, and turning the slim-legged "curate's assistant" so that his favorite sandwiches were nearest him.
  • The refreshmentsbread and butter, dainty sandwiches of caviare, of pâté de foie gras, of a thousand delicatessen from Berlin and Petersburgwere kept from freezing on hot-water dishes.
  • Hot sandwiches and bacon may be cooked over the coals or on a portable oil or alcohol stove.
  • Lawry’s the Prime Rib, 4043 Hughes Center Drive, once again is serving lunch, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays, with a menu of prime rib carved tableside, an Angus beef burger, barbecued beef ribs and the Lawry’s prime rib sandwich.
  • A moment later Nancy brought him a huge sandwich of split corn-pone, with a thick slice of fat bacon inserted between the halves, and a couple of baked yams.
  • They were perfectly delighted, of course, with strawberry lemonade, brown bread sandwiches, and little frosted cup cakes, which their teacher's mother had made and on which she had outlined in pink candies the individual initials of the children.
  • EL: From childhood, I always enjoyed eating strawberries so my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are often made with strawberry jam.
  • " "A pâté sandwich and some plain soda water, please," Sarah replied, taking off the long motoring coat which concealed her evening clothes.
  • Fine-dining chef Rob McDonald from North & Navy restaurant offered his best ever open-faced breakfast sandwich,while home cook Alison Peters contributed the cheesy bakebread-bacon-and-egg dish her family enjoys on Christmas morning.
  • She was drinking a tin cup of strong cheap coffee cooled with condensed milk; in her other hand was a thick man-made sandwich of bread, butter, and corned beef.
  • It’s the perfect addition to a real padkoswith boiled eggs and fresh sandwiches.
  • I am irritated that my local Walmart stopped carrying all other brands of frozen microwaveable breakfast sandwiches and only carries his brand.
  • Refreshed by much beer, and enlivened by the cheery influence of the genial sandwich, they return for a few more hours of soliloquy and dialogue.
  • Their praise seemed to please Gill, for he proceeded to cut some gigantic sandwiches out of stale bread and excellent cold boiled pork, and to these also the hungry youngsters did justice.
  • On the old table under the shade of the elms mammoth sandwiches and a large slice of cheese waited in an untied handkerchief until such time as his thirst should be satisfied.
  • Actually, I would trade my mundane sandwiches for a taco made with chorizo and fried potato mixture wrapped in that nice fresh flour tortilla.
  • Then it was poured out into cups, and nice chicken sandwiches were passed on little wooden plates.
  • WHITE AND BROWN BREAD SANDWICHES If a novel sandwich is wanted, butter alternate slices of brown and white bread and pile them one above the other in a loaf.
  • She claimed she planned to "fight to the death for Fluff" and supported legislation that would make the Fluffernutter the official state sandwich.
  • This picture did not fit in very well with our rollicking military panorama, but we were soon over the hills, and half an hour later were breakfasting on pate-de-foie-gras sandwiches and champagne, with a charming old corps commandant, at a round table set outdoors in a circle of trees that must have been planted for that very purpose.
  • They who were less privileged had fed themselves with pocketed sandwiches, not caring to risk the loss of their seats.
  • Joe's Kansas City is offering a meatless version of its popular Z-Man sandwich for Lent.
  • Half an hour afterwards I took up some refreshmentssome sandwiches and a small bottle of champagne for the young ladyand then went back downstairs till Sir Horace rang for me to let the lady out, which was generally about midnight.
  • So, I have Diggs getting traded and in the conference which confirms that I am more than a few sandwiches short of a picnic!
  • It was, therefore, clear that the poison was intended for but one of them, as, on this occasion, a single sandwich came up from the buffet.
  • After two years, Shake Shack brings back spicy chicken sandwich with new heat level and accompanying itemsThis is the Hot Chick'n's third return, and it's coming with new menu items, including Hot Chick'n Bites, Hot Spicy Fries and Hot Spicy Cheese Fries.
  • Makes splendid Sandwiches, Sausage Rolls, Savoury Roasts, and Irish Stews.
  • "The night watchman at the English Provident Bank has permission to smoke, he also is allowed a nice fire, and a tray consisting of a plate of substantial sandwiches and one glass of ale, which he can take when he likes.
  • The result is a sweet and savory sandwich that paired perfectly with the flaky croissant.
  • "Terrific sandwiches.
  • They bore Japanese lacquer trays with tiny sandwiches (filled with preserved ginger), cherry ice and rice wafers.
  • Saturday’s cooking class will teach attendees how to make traditional Czech open-faced sandwiches.
  • In addition to the bowl of Souper Pho Donn added a Vietnamese chicken sandwich.
  • West Coast Sourdough FundraiserDina is at West Coast Sourdough showing you their yummy sandwiches and giving us a preview on their upcoming fundraiser.
  • Rulledge was eating a caviar sandwich, which he had brought from the afternoon tea-table near by, and he greedily incited Wanhope to go on, in the polite pause which the psychologist had let follow on my appearance, with what he was saying.
  • GRILLED CHEESE: Celebrate National Sandwich Month in August with a classic grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Danish open sandwich (smørrebrød) on dark rye bread.
  • This picture did not fit in very well with our rollicking military panorama, but we were soon over the hills, and half an hour later were breakfasting on pate-de-foie-gras sandwiches and champagne, with a charming old corps commandant, at a round table set outdoors in a circle of trees that must have been planted for that very purpose.
  • The young couple met each other usually in the rather close air of her candle-lighted living-room, drinking a great deal of tea, consuming large numbers of delicate, strangely compounded sandwiches, and listening to an endless flow of somewhat startlingly frank personalities from the magnetic mistress of the house.
  • Makes delicious sandwiches.
  • A reporter of the Tribune stood on top of the New York Life tower for an entire week, devouring cold-slaw sandwiches and Marie Corelli, and during that period, as his affidavit runs, "never for one consecutive second were his ample ears free from the near or distant strains of the Wedding March.
  • She made him an enormous sandwich and wished that she could hug him, but another customer was waiting.
  • Makes excellent sandwiches and is capable of a variety of uses.
  • At Akstafá, for instance, a station surrounded by a howling wilderness of steppe and marsh; well-cooked viands, game, pastry, and other delicacies, gladdened the eye, instead of the fly-blown buns and petrified sandwiches only too familiar to the English railway traveller.
  • Stillwell, what is it?" "A couple of hot lemonades and a pair of fat sandwiches at Noster's.

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