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290 adjectives to describe scaling

She had not dreamed of doing things on a grand scale.

As soon as his force had been made up to seven infantry divisions and the Desert Mounted Corps, and they had been brought up to strength and trained, he would attack, making his main offensive against the enemy's left flank while conducting operations vigorously and on an extensive scale against the Turkish right-centre and right.

The defences had been originally constructed on a magnificent scale and with great skill, according to the ancient art of war.

What can be foreseen with certainty is, that if the peace is to be made by the same men who made the war it will be so made that in another quarter of a century there will be another war on as gigantic a scale....

Most of the Battle of the Marne was fought on so vast a scale, over so wide a stretch of countryabout 200 miles long, by 50 broadthat for the civilian spectator of the future it will never be possible to realise it as a whole, and very difficult even to realise any section of it, topographically, owing to the complication of the actions involved.

That Scout training makes good men and fine soldiers has been amply proven on a broad scale.

" "Ambition, combativeness, and destructiveness are all on a colossal scale.

In its unrecognized working it is the spring of all that we can call the automatic action of mind and body, and on the universal scale it is the silent power of evolution gradually working onwards to that "divine event, to which the whole creation moves"; and by our conscious recognition of it we make it, relatively to ourselves, all that we believe it to be.

But in this contest the German naval authorities have at their disposal a fleet of extraordinary efficiency, and have devised for use on an extended scale the most formidable and destructive of all instruments of marine warfare.

These are the inviting, beckoning things, the things which swing the balance downeven though hardships, low pay, and high chances of injury and death are thrown in the opposite scale.

He was therefore forced to go down the chromatic scale of creation and find another class of clients.

There is, however, an absolute impotence to reproduce the actual, to deal with groups of humanity upon a liberal scale.

The first reply that suggests itself is the probability that there must be some error about these experiments, because they are performed on an enormous scale every day with quite contrary results.

She averted her face, and began picking the thin scales of bark from a crape-myrtle.

The inquiry confined to its proper objects and within the most limited scale is extensive.

Guido Aretinus invents the staff, and is the first to adopt as names for the notes of the musical scale the initial syllables of the hemistichs of a hymn in honor of St. John the Baptist. 1024.

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The brown and yellow scales and nut-shells are as abundant and as delicately penciled and tinted as the shells along the sea-shore; while the beautiful red and purple seed-wings mingled with them would lead one to fancy that innumerable butterflies had there met their fate.

So late as September of 1911 a rising on a considerable scale in the province of Szechuan was not antidynastic, but was declared by the rebels themselves to be directed against the railway policy of the Government.

I abstracted the manuscript begun on a much larger scale in 1856, and completed the volume on the same reduced scale.

He was of opinion that Mr. Fairweather, though greatly interested in religious matters, was not the most sympathetic person that could be found; in fact, the old Doctor thought he was too much taken up with his own interests for eternity to give himself quite so heartily to the need of other people as some persons got up on a rather more generous scale (our good neighbor Dr. Honeywood, for instance) could do.

By the window stands a square pine table, spotted and streaked with ink, to match the floor, which resembles in a homely way MARK TWAIN'S map of Paris on an enlarged scale.

They tell us that if such a ring be once formed on the minutest scale and set rotating, then, since it would be moving in pure ether and subject to no friction, it must according to all known laws of physics be indestructible and its motion perpetual.

To impress the inhabitant of the East things must be done on a lavish ostentatious scale, for gold and glitter and tinsel go a long way to form a native's estimate of power.

This process allows of its being made on a commercial scale if desirable.

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