36 adjectives to describe scarf

He too was clad in white and the rich crimson of the silken scarf which he wore about his waist enhanced his Spanish beauty.

She put a chiffon scarf about the neck of her skimpy little kimono, spent an hour and ten minutes on her hair, made up outrageously with that sublime unconsciousness that comes from too close familiarity with rouge pad and grease jar, and went.

Her black hair was braided, and fastened at the end with golden ornaments, and the light scarf twisted around her head blazed with diamonds.

He was still in the same garbcalico shirt, bright-colored scarf around his waist, and on his head a straw hat encircled with a band of black ostrich feathers, the usual dress of his class.

" Her sweet head Lay like a lily on his mailed breast, While she toyed lightly with the yellow scarf That floated from his helmet.

No white satin ties, which always look dirty, such as one sees in London and other great towns, but broad, old-fashioned scarves of many colours or of blue "birdseye" mellowed by age.

LINGUA apparelled in a crimson satin gown, a dressing of white roses, a little skene tied in a purple scarf, a pair of white buskins drawn with white ribbon, silk garters, gloves, &c. AUDITUS in a garland of bays intermingled with red and white roses upon a false hair, a cloth of silver mantle upon a pair of satin bases, wrought sleeves, buskins, gloves, &c. LINGUA, AUDITUS. LIN.

Gunners and drivers were muffled in coats and woolen scarves, and sat half-asleep on their horses and wagons.

The stiff blue muslin was rather crumpled by this time, and in place of the linen collar and old-fashioned pin her mother had tied a narrow scarf of white lace about her throat; her hair was brushed back and braided in two heavy braids and her forehead was bandaged in white.

A thin scarf was thrown carelessly over her white shoulders.

It was a chevalier and a nobleman; whom Gottfried immediately recognized by the form of his casque and the golden scarf to which was suspended the scabbard of his sword.

A handsome scarf is always handsome,that is, until it is defaced or worn out.

"Yes, ma'm'selle; she has taken a thick coat and a knit scarf," she answered.

Owing to similar causes, drapery, which in Greece had served to illustrate the structure or the movement of the body it clothed, was used by the Italian sculptors to conceal the limbs, and to enhance by flowing skirt or sinuous fold or agitated scarf some quality of the emotions.

He wore the toga as an official scarf, but was in his national garb of the loose trousers and short coat, and the gold torq round his neck had come to him from prehistoric ages.

A pale scarf was wound about her head, and he could see but little beyond it but the tip of her nose, a few scattered, minute freckles on one cheek.

One hundred and fifty dollars the cape alone had cost, it was rumored, and when, to this Richard added a dark, rich muff to match, others than Eunice looked enviously at Mrs. James, who to all intents and purposes, was the same frank, outspoken person that she was when she wore a plain scarf around her neck, and rode to church in her father's lumber wagon instead of the handsome turn-out James had bought since his marriage.

For a short time he remained silent, but presently he said, "May I be allowed to be so inquisitive as to ask for whom this pretty scarf is intended?" Marfa Timofeevna looked up at him quickly.

There Greffington Edge breaks and falls away, and lets slip the dawn like a rosy scarf from its shoulder, and sets the moon free of her earth and gives her to the open sky.

In the hurry of my departure from Villiers I had wrapped a scarlet chiffon scarf about my head, never thinking that a hat would be a very useful article in the daytime.

In a flash she had crossed the wide hallwhich was as it happened empty, although she would not have slackened her pace for all the assembled companyand was darting arrow-like up the stairs, her torn scarf flying behind her like a banner.

Thus armed they proceeded to the plantation of a Mr. Rosas, who saluted them as "the army of liberators," and announced himself as their general-in-chief, in token whereof he was dressed in the uniform of an American fireman, with a tri-colored scarf across his breast, a flaming sash around his waist, with sword, revolver, and cavalry boots.

And various grewsome objects, a card case of human skin, and the twisted scarf used by a strangler.

It is quite an unusual scarf.

A purple scarf, at either end whereof There swung an apple of the purest gold, Sway'd round about him, as he gallop'd up To join them, glancing like a dragon-fly In summer suit and silks of holiday.

36 adjectives to describe  scarf