56 adjectives to describe scouting

" "Right the first time," he said, "and I bet you're a bully little scout.

Far away ahead of the fighting troops are the Intelligence officers with their native scouts.

When it is considered that this incident occurred at a height of 16, feet, over hostile territory, and that during the airman's terribly precarious ride he was subject to antiaircraft fire, and liable to the attack of hostile scouts, it is not too much to say that his was a record achievement.

Even Mike was fain to obey the order to be silent, as the sound of a voice, indiscreetly used, might betray the passage of the party to some outlying scouts of the enemy.

"Trained owls would be the most valuable scouts we could have," said the young officer.

He has also an extensive cattle ranch on the Dismal river, sixty-five miles north of North Platte, his partner being Major Frank North, the old commander of the celebrated Pawnee scouts.

They're at every elbow, and every ear, And ready at every call, Sir; The vigilant scout, plants his agents about, And has something to do with us all, Sir.

Before you can have the badge for swimming you must be a better scout.

The lone scout.

A middle-aged maid appeared, like a suspicious scout, at the far end of the hall, beyond the stairs, having opened a door which showed a glimpse of a kitchen.

Stuart was an extremely vigilant picket-officer, and both he and General Lee were in the habit of sending accomplished scouts to watch any movements in the Federal camps.

For the duty of these fellows is to go forward with armed native scouts far in advance of the columns, to find out what the Germans are up to, their strength, and the disposition of their troops.

It was a dangerous undertaking, but they were brave and experienced scouts.

As the last notes of Andy's callto turn to the subject of the opening of this chapterrang out the tousle-headed, sleepy-eyed scouts appeared from their tents and found themselves enveloped in a fleecy mistsuch a light fog as is common on that part of the Atlantic coast at this season of the year.

His grave was located later by one of his fellow air scouts.

God, who hath brought such great things to pass in science, nature, and art, in human character, in the destiny of nations, and the history of humble men and women, is a God before whom there must be awe and reverence, and not a flippant scouting of the ancient ideals.

As early as half-past eight on the following morningAugust 11our scouts entered the city of Mayaguez, some three or four miles distant from our camp of the night before.

He could find no trace of him, and he wrote to the commander of the nearest fort, begging him to try to get news from the Indian villages as to whether his son were alive or dead, and to employ for the purpose any friendly Indian or white scout, at whatever price was sethe would pay it "to the utmost farthing."

People want to smash England, of course, because, as they explain, she brought on the war and is trying to starve them, and they roar with the applause when the lightning-change man at the Wintergarten impersonates Hindenburg, because Hindenburg is a grand old scout who is keeping those millions of slovenly Russians from overrunning our tidy, busy, well-ordered Germany.

"Major," began the handsome scout, dapper from képi to spurs in contrast to the worn visage and dress of his senior, but Hilary was already speaking.

It has become a breach of etiquette to praise the enemy; whereas when the enemy is strong every honest scout ought to praise the enemy.

But as much as a thousand was offered for Simon Girty's in the hope of getting that inconvenient British scout put quickly out of the way.

Stand by fer a collision," shouted the captain, while the scouts, intensely interested in the development of this hidden drama of the fog, clustered about him.

As Flip had never called personally for the letters or parcels, but had sent one of her wild, irregular scouts or henchmen to bring them, and as she was seldom seen at the Crossing or on the stage road, that curiosity was never satisfied.

If the boys would only teach him a little scouting, I'd be better pleased.

56 adjectives to describe  scouting