35 adjectives to describe scowl

Sextus remained in the saddle, his brow clouded with an angry scowl.

He clinched his fist as though about to strike, then, with an ugly scowl, turned on his heel and walked away.

" To chase away the gloom gradually stealing over the company, and to draw from himself the sullen scowl of the Palmer, Marmion called upon his favorite squire: "'Fitz-Eustace, knows't thou not some lay To speed the lingering night away?'" The youth made an unhappy choice.

"Greeting to thee, Waldron of Brand!" Swift turned Walkyn, his gloomy scowl relaxed at Beltane's voice, and stooping, he took and kissed my Beltane's hand.

"Yes," he said, with an awful scowl, "that young man has robbed me of my mistress" "WhoVerty?"

In the little bustle and process of embarking their luggage, his Lordship affected, as it seemed to me, more aristocracy than befitted his years, or the occasion; and I then thought of his singular scowl, and suspected him of pride and irascibility.

But at the end of fifteen minutes Commodus grew tired of dignity and his ferocious scowl clouded his face like a thunderstorm.

His sudden scowl frightened the women standing behind Marcia, although she appeared not to notice it, with the same peculiar trick of seeming not to see what she did not wish to seem to see that she had used when she walked naked through the Thermae.

But far from bearing any resemblance to the picture of the poet's imaginationinstead of standing mute with rage, and annihilating the musician with a horrible scowl from beneath his shaggy and frowning brows, Mr. Rushton presented a perfect picture of softness and emotion.

The grim Geneva ministers With anxious scowl drew near, As you have seen the ravens flock Around the dying deer.

The cobbler directed an intimidating scowl at the witness and demanded: "Were you searching for bones when you came on these remains?" "Me!"

Mr. Burton favoured him with a mutinous scowl.

" Mr. Burton, with a nasty scowl, said that there was not going to be any next time, but Mr. Stiles smiled as one having superior information.

On entering the council-house, Kenton perceived from the ominous scowls of the chiefs, that they meant no tenderness toward him.

" He looked from the man Thomas, from whose countenance this last innuendo glanced off as from a stone wall, to 'Liza, who answered him with a puzzled scowl.

" "Yes," nodded Polly, with a little regretful scowl.

" With this parting encouragement on my part, we drive off, and leave our young friend trying, with only moderate success, to combine a gracious smile to Sir Roger, with a resentful scowl at me, under a lamp-post.

The foremost of this party was recognised to be the ill-looking fellow, who left me in the canoe with a revengeful scowl upon his face.

" Wrathful at such arraignment foul, Dark lowered the clansman's sable scowl.

Moreover, there was every variety of villainous aspect; the savage scowl of the desperado, the cunning leer of the trickster, and the sordid look of the mean knave.

"After all," said Mr. Lanley, trying to induce a slight scowl, "if we are not going to consent to an engagement" "But you are," said Mathilde.

He wasn't at all pleased to find himself mistaken; and though Lanyard did his best with his blandest smile to make amends for having discomfited the prince by getting home later than he had promised to, his good-natured effort was repaid only by a spiteful scowl.

" Miss Sterling shook her head with a tiny scowl.

" Miss Twining came back with the book, a little troubled scowl on her forehead.

His steed was swift, his countenance In a warlike scowl was set, And in his furious rage he cursed The beard of Mahomet!

35 adjectives to describe  scowl