47 adjectives to describe secrecy

Here he bobbed up at the other end of the continent, making shady bargains with obscure shipping captains, and paying a big premium for absolute secrecy.

And Hamlet related the particulars of the conversation which had passed to none but his dear friend Horatio; and he enjoined both to him and Marcellus the strictest secrecy as to what they had seen that night.

German troops were therefore concentrated near the points chosen for attack, and this was done with the utmost secrecy, the troop trains running unlighted at night, so as to escape the observation of Allied aviators.

It was done, indeed, in profound secrecy; the fact, I suspect, remained some little time unknown; and for years after there was no certainty as to the way it was performed.

They jointly pledged inviolable secrecy, and returned to their homes.

But this other force worked in the dark, this hostile power personified in the creature who had called himself Albert Dupont; the very composition of its being was cloaked in a secrecy impenetrable and terrifying, its intentions and its workings could not be surmised or opposed until it struck and the success or failure of the stroke revealed its origin and aim.

And Wareham very properly added that a solicitor was, in a measure, a confessor bound to observe professional secrecy.

This extraordinary secrecy and arrogation of power by the Council of Four excited astonishment and complaint throughout the body of delegates to the Conference, and caused widespread criticism in the press and among the people of many countries.

Crispi and I were never intimate, and the supposed confidence between us never extended beyond the communication of political matter which he thought should be made public, and which could be made public without violation of official secrecy.

I must hold you over to eternal secrecy.

Subtle shining secrecies.

There is very little secrecy about the Stockholm court, and intrigue is entirely unknown in Swedish politics.

All this, with his social position, his pseudo-heroic poetry, and his dissipated life,over which he contrived to throw a veil of romantic secrecy,made him a magnet of attraction to many thoughtless young men and foolish women, who made the downhill path both easy and rapid to one whose inclinations led him in that direction.

She kept him by her a great while, but with extreme secrecy.

He stood erect, seeing wide-eyed the secrecy of the scene and sensuously inhaling the warm, sweet breath of the canyon-garden through nostrils that dilated and quivered with delight.

The generous frankness, the modest obsequiousness, and the faithful secrecy of my dear Pekuah, will always be more missed, as I shall live longer to see vice and folly.

"State definitely what you exact from me in return for your forbearanceyour honorable secrecy?"

The queer code of fraternal secrecy made him refrain from showing any sign of this to his sister, however.

"State definitely what you exact from me in return for your forbearanceyour honorable secrecy?"

In the second act of The Devil's Disciple, by Mr. Bernard Shaw, we have an instance of wholly inartistic secrecy, which would certainly be condemned in the work of any author who was not accepted in advance as a law unto himself.

He ever leaves some passages doubtful, as if they were some more intimate secrecies of state, closing his sentence abruptly withhereafter you shall hear more.

Would she have so hidden the truth from him, would she have borne her pain and the fear of it, in that awful lonely secrecy, if she had not cared for him more than for anything on earth?

Soon after this he was easily prevailed upon to institute a private society, into which none were admitted, but such as bound themselves by a vow to perpetual secrecy.

She was the only one of the company who had studied the history of South America, and she did not believe that the ancient inhabitants of that country buried their kings in stone tombs, or felt it necessary to preserve their remains in phenomenal secrecy and security.

"So I lay concealed and safe till the time came when I had to purchase pity, help, and precious secrecy.

47 adjectives to describe  secrecy