190 adjectives to describe seed

I understand why a young woman should like to hear these homely but genuine experiences of early life, which are, as I have said, the little brown seeds of what may yet grow to be poems with leaves of azure and gold; but when the old gentleman pushed up his chair nearer to me, and slanted round his best ear, and once, when I was speaking of some trifling, tender reminiscence, drew a long breath, with such a tremor in it that a little more

But ere the deep-sown seeds of bigotry ripened to revolt, or produced the fruit of active resistance in Belgium, Holland had to endure the mortification of another war with England.

A visit to the seedsman's procured the necessary surreptitious poppy seed; and so now poor Sir Goldfish sleeps with the seed of sleep in his mouth, and the children watch his grave day by day, breathless for his resplendent resurrection.

Then, on the way to the beach at Daytona, where the pleasant peninsula road traverses a thick forest of short-leaved pines, every tree of which leans heavily inland at the same angle ("the leaning pines of Daytona," I always said to myself, as I passed), I came upon some white beggar's-ticks,like daisies; and as I stopped to see what they were, I noticed the presence of ripe seeds.

In some sittings, deep exercise and mourning; in others, cause of rejoicing over the precious seed of the kingdom, which is alive in the hearts of some.

I asked the boy if the hounds would trail a white man without hurting him, and he said if you put anise seed on their shoes the hounds will trail 'em all right, so we put up a job to have some fun.

And of all the seeds, the one that thriftiest thrives Is the color of ruby wine, when it flashes high Who would think the tiny seed so fair to the eye Could cast such a deadly shade over countless lives, And branch out into murder in one springing shoot; Thrifty branches of sin, bristling with thorns of woe Shadowing graves where broken hearts lie low, And minds that were God-like lowered beneath the brute.

Fruits of Nipa palms, a form only found now at river-mouths in Eastern India and the Indian islands; Anona-seeds; gourd-seeds; Acacia fruitsall tropical again; and Proteaceous plants tooof an Australian type.

By so doing the mystic fern seed may be obtained, which possesses the strength of thirty or forty men.

She gave it plenty of hemp seed to make it fat, and very often the yolk of a hard-boiled egg, and kept a nail in its drinking water, and gave it a few drops of alcohol in its bath every morning to keep it from taking cold.

Miss Laura cleaned each cage, and gave each bird some mixed rape and canary seed.

God gave David the new heart he longed for; but the evil seeds sown bore nevertheless evil fruit for him and his children.

But in the midst of his agony a supernatural joy sustains him; he is the sacred golden seed of liberty, which fell from we know not what sheaf, and in the darkness of destiny has sowed the germs of light, ever since the first chaos.

The most important proteid vegetable foods are those derived from the grains of cereals and certain leguminous seeds, as peas and beans.

It is supposed, also, to have health-giving virtues; for in Germany, when an infant seems weakly and thrives slowly, it is placed naked upon the turf on Midsummer day, and flax-seed is sprinkled over it; the idea being that as the flax-seed grows so the infant will gradually grow stronger.

In the same way, for disorders of the blood, burnt purple, pomegranate seeds, mulberries, and other red ingredients were dissolved in the patient's drink; and for liver complaints yellow substances were recommended.

A more hopeful chaos or one more rich in fertile seeds we have not possessed since the days of Romanticism.

Then the seeds, that for six months have lain on the ground dry and fresh as if they had been gathered into barns, at once unfold their treasured life.

By so doing the mystic fern seed may be obtained, which possesses the strength of thirty or forty men.

I carried them to the shed next my barn, and shelled them out in my hand machine: as fine a basket of yellow dent seed as a man ever saw.

What practical application is made of this law in producing better seed and better breeds?

A centurion, munching oily seed and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, came out of an inner office.

And flowers there be on earthly sward That owe no mortal seed!"

There is strong delusion among the wicked in the day in which we live, but the seed of Abraham, the royal seed, the blessed seed of the Lord, shall be told off to its separate glory.

No Man is so sunk in Vice and Ignorance, but there are still some hidden Seeds of Goodness and Knowledge in him; which give him a Relish of such Reflections and Speculations as have an [Aptness ] to improve the Mind, and make the Heart better.

190 adjectives to describe  seed
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