38 adjectives to describe seen

The king appointed Pyramus, a learned clerk who had been diligent in his service, to the vacant see, so that the chapels might be maintained, and those convents built anew which the heathen had destroyed.

"'Knowing, my dearest brethren, that I am approaching the hour of my death, I would, for the great dignity and authority of the apostolic see, make a serious and important testimony before you, not committed to the memory of letters, not written, neither on a tablet nor on parchment, but given by my living voice, that it may have more authority.

The same council elected to the tiara the German bishop of Bamberg, who reigned in the holy see as Clement II.

Them thou wouldst see in purple pride, Worshipped on every hand; Their honours mighty but to hide The evil of the land.

The new bishops were appointed; Granvelle securing for himself the archiepiscopal see of Mechlin, with the title of primate of the Low Countries.

Some folk in Moher believe that the Fairies took back their child, and that the old blind fiddler lives now in the Kingdom of Tyrnanoge, and makes music for their dances in that enchanted country where the old grow young and the blind see.

Old missis come down to the quarters in her carriagedidn't have buggies in them days, just carriagesto see who was hurt.

Fénelon submitted, and withdrew to his diocesan see, where he died in 1715.

Order must be kep', the helpless protected, but you know, Samuel, that if some of the disgraceful seens that are bein' enacted here right under your dear old nose took place amongst your adopted Philippine children or even amongst your protejays in Turkey or China you would send out a warship to once.

Offending prelates were brought from distant sees to meet the displeasure of the Republic; hesitating priests were silently hastened to decision by scaffolds, looming suddenly within their precincts.

Dreams and the shadows of dreams be memories, nothing more, and the dog, whining asleep in the sun-warmth, doubtless sees and remembers things gone before.

I put aside your socialistic vapourings of courseevery fellow to his fadI see in you the makings of a canny business man.

All these as means of toil the feeble see, But these are helps to pleasure join'd with thee.

Men (whom we now so fierce and dangerous see) Would guardian angels to each other be; Such wonders can this mighty love perform, Vultures to doves, wolves into lambs transform!

And aftre is Libye the hye, and Lybye the lowe, that descendethe down lowe, toward the grete see of Spayne.

It seems always like watchin' the wonderful onseen secrets of nater, like seein' the mortal made immortal to think that voices we've loved and mourned as they wuz hushed in the last stillness can sound out agin, breakin' our hearts with the same old echoes, the same old sweetness of the voice we loved and lost, talkin' in mortal words and axents to us when they've long, long ago learnt the immortal language, beheld the immortal seens.

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And you could take a tram car and go through some of the loveliest seens in the Alps.

And I should have took sights of comfort viewin' the magnificent seens spread out and growin' and changin' every minute if I hadn't had to kep' one eye onto Josiah Allen all the time, or as you may say two eyes, one my own gray orb and the other the eye of my specs.

All that I see which actually reminds me of the warnow that we are used to the absence of the menI see on the route nationale, when I drive down to Couilly.

In recent years an Irish-born Archbishop of Sydney has been succeeded by an Irish-born Archbishop; an Irishman rules the metropolitan see of Adelaide; and an Irish-born Archbishop of Melbourne has as his coadjutor a former president of the College of Maynooth.

Also in Condinus, Catalogue of Sees Subject to the Patriarch of Constantinople, the metropolitical see of Russia appears as early as the year 891.

And for that I know your worship, with great peril and daunger haue past these monstrous and bottomlesse sees, am therfore the more encouraged to desire & pray your worships patronage & defence therof, requesting you with all to pardon those imperfections, which I acknowledge to be very many, & so much the more, by reason of my long & many years continuance in foreine countries.

We love mankind, and when a mortal see We give our fragrance to them with our love, Their love for us our inmost heart doth move.

It is not likely that such authorities could confound Durrow, in Westmeath, with the ecclesiastical metropolis of Ireland, and patriarchal see of St. Patrick.

38 adjectives to describe  seen