429 adjectives to describe sentence

" Passmore had listened intently to Johnnie's swift, broken, passionate sentences.

Ever a man of the fewest words, a look, a gesture, a brief sentence sufficed to convey his orders to his officers.

But I felt also that he was entitled, on account of all those things which aroused my sympathy, to the severest sentence, which I had already considered it would be my duty to award him.

"An interrogative sentence is one, which asks a question."Ib., p. 114.

In one of the most stirring sermons I ever heard, occurred this unjust sentence: "Our country has been built up by the martyr, and not by the millionaire."

we leave the unfinished sentence to imply that we should have been geniuses.

The "indeterminate sentence" is one of the wisest expedients ever brought to bear in penology.

Frank Errington was the dust which the scoundrel threw metaphorically in the eyes of the police, and you must admit that he succeeded in blinding themto the extent even of making them entirely forget the one simple little sentence, overheard by Mr. Andrew Campbell, and which was, of course, the clue to the whole thingthe only slip the cunning rogue made'Au revoir!

The following sentence from the essay Of Studies will show some of the characteristics of his way of presenting thought: "Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man: and, therefore, if a man write little, he had need have a great memory; if he confer little, he had need have a present wit; and if he read little, he need have much cunning to seem to know that he doth not.

In each blank of the illustrative sentences insert the word appropriate in meaning.

" Half-formed, incoherent sentences like these floated in her mind, seemed to be floating in the air, pronounced by hissing voices.

"This is a dreadful sentence!" said Helena.

He knew what terrible revelations must be made if we gave evidence against him, and he therefore preferred death by his own hand to that following a judicial sentence.

4.In a declarative sentence also, there may be a rhetorical or poetical transposition of one or both of the terms: as, "And I thy victim now remain.

There is a pregnant sentence in one of Lamb's letters that flashes with the vividness of lightning into the darkest recesses of those early troubles and embarrassments.

Surely when his spirit knocks at the door, it will be opened to him, and the warriors of our tribe will welcome him, while his foes will be driven away with the awful sentence, Quachet!

The Rotter incomplete sentences blanks: college form, manual.

When one whole sentence is closely linked with an other, both become clauses or members of a more complex sentence; and when one word or phrase is coupled with an other, both have in general a common dependence upon some other word in the same sentence.

" Once more the colonel was checked, but this time the alteration in his face was no more than a comma's pause in a long balanced sentence.

I had also to unroll such of Bentham's involved and parenthetical sentences as seemed to overpass by their complexity the measure of what readers were likely to take the pains to understand.

Secret sentence.

So, in every conditional sentence, the prot'asis, or condition, differs considerably from the apod'osis, or principal clause, even where both are expressed as facts.

They said if they were accused to government, the mildest sentence they could expect would be imprisonment for life at hard labor, and perhaps they would be killed.

Yet before her he was tongue-tied, incapable of uttering a consecutive sentence.

Our favorite sentence of our belated congratulations?

429 adjectives to describe  sentence