70 adjectives to describe shedding

" He stopped at a little shed back of the offices, sometimes called the garage because Stoddard's car stood in it.

In one corner stood a wooden shed containing a carpenter's bench, a chest for bats and stumps, and various other things belonging to different boys.

They were housed in a thatched shed and were chained to the perch in the order of size.

" This camp was but a rude shed, made of poles and thatched with leaves and branches.

On the Calebayan river, on the further side of Point Tanaun, we came upon a solitary shed, our night-quarters.

Some are mere wooden sheds of one or two rooms, comfortable enough in that climate, where a sleeping-place is all that is neededif the occupiers would but keep them clean.

Temporary sheds were erected near the roadsides, containing fever-stricken patients who had no other home.

While in this state, she lay alongside of the natural quay, near and opposite to some extensive sheds which had been erected, as a protection against the heats of the climate.

They were standing back of an outlying shed, in such a position that they could not be seen from the road.

We turned back to the place, and there we found "In lowly shed, and mean attire, A matron old, whom we schoolmistress name, Who boasts unruly brats with birch to tame.

Colonel Kelly had a small tent, and the rest of us turned into convenient cow-sheds.

The officers here occupied a fine roomy building of two stories, while the men were housed in comfortable sheds round the enclosure.

They have adopted the notion (sanctioned by the opinion of the old Planters' Jackall, Batty, and the Attorney General), that the people are liable to pay rent for houses and grounds during the three months' possession to which the Abolition Act entitled them, and notices have been served on the people, demanding the most extravagant amounts for the miserable sheds which the people inhabited.

Refresh me with a cooling air, And cheer me with a lambent light: Lay me, where o'er the verdant ground Her living carpet nature spreads; Where the green bow'r, with roses crown'd, In show'rs its fragrant foliage sheds; Improve the peaceful hour with wine; Let musick die along the grove; Around the bowl let myrtles twine, And ev'ry strain be tun'd to love.

Peter's room was a rough shed papered with old newspapers.

He glided through, guided by a hand that touched lightly on his neck, and in an utter silence he was seen to turn the corner of the nearest shed and approach the corral.

Jack and Barney slipped through the low lattice, and by means of a narrow shed reached the low roof.

A short distance away was a house for the hired help and a stable and carriage sheds.

"These are all Christ's children and my brothers," said Agnes; "for them was the most holy blood shed, as well as for me.

And I shuddered, for I knew that they were bringing him to the horrible long sheds by the Red Tower through which the wind whistled.

It would be a delightful thing to see the swarthy cottagers of India throwing a cheerful grace on their humble sheds and small plots of ground with those natural embellishments which no productions of human skill can rival.

All around the workshops proper were immense coal sheds, great slag heaps, warehouses, wood piles, and tool sheds.

This day the Mayor of Montreal died,a very estimable man, who did much for the immigrants, and to whose firmness and philanthropy we chiefly owe it, that the immigrant sheds here were not tossed into the river by the people of the town during the summer.

The only direct encouragement of athletic exercises which stands out in our memory of academic life was a certain inestimable shed on the "College Wharf," which was for a brief season the paradise of swimmers, and which, after having been deliberately arranged for their accommodation, was suddenly removed, the next season, to make room for coal-bins.

To anyone coming from the outside, this angle of the forge would always seem weird and even mysterious even when the furnace was blazing and the sparks flying from the anvil, beneath the smith's powerful blows, or whenas at presentthe fires were extinguished and this part of the shed, innocent of windows, was in absolute darkness.

70 adjectives to describe  shedding