264 adjectives to describe sheets

Yonder let us spread broad sheets of soil, that man and beast may be fed; and here pile trains of boulders for pines and giant Sequoias.

They have no channel whatever, and consequently are left free to spread in thin sheets upon the shining granite and wander at will.

What must have been the astonishment of all then, when, having proceeded a few fathoms from the ship, Mr. Wyatt stood up in the stern-sheets, and coolly demanded of Captain Hardy that the boat should be put back for the purpose of taking in his oblong box!

After spending some time in this occupation he took a clean sheet of paper and a pencil, and copied afresh the following entries from his notebook: August 19.

In order to be perfectly formal, however, each separate sheet should be numbered, signed, and witnessed, and attested on the last sheet.

It had been long remarked that certain parts of these beds carried admirable wheatland; it had been remarked, too, that the finest hop- landsthose of Farnham, for instance, and Tunbridgelay upon them: but that the fertile band was very narrow; that, as in the Surrey Moors, vast sheets of the lower Greensand were not worth cultivation.

The rugged and sublime, with the placid and beautiful, in natural scenery, are magnificently mingled in the surroundings of this little sheet of water.

" They followed their unfortunate comrade to his desk, which when opened displayed a perfect chaos of ragged books, loose sheets of paper, broken pen-holders, pieces of string, battered cardboard boxes, and other rubbish.

All that remains of them to tell their history is a series of interrupted fragments of channels, mostly choked with gravel, and buried beneath broad, thick sheets of lava.

He is well acquainted with my MS., and I just copied into the middle of the blank sheet the words: "' ...

The broad back, the long legs, the faded coat, the low whistle were all familiar; and, dodging a wet sheet, I faced the man to find it was indeed my Joe!

Sometimes, in a clearing, he found himself staggering to the knees in a compacted drift of snow; sometimes an immense sheet of snow was picked up by the wind and flung in his face like a blanket.

Even the Acredale Monitor, a weekly sheet notoriously in the interest of Boone, felt constrained to copy parts of the account and publish with it a shambling retraction of previous criticism, based on imperfect knowledge, that it had printed concerning Sergeant Sprague.

In mid-channel a still unbroken sheet is bent yet more in the centre.

But as it is, all they have to record is gathered each twelfth day at the telegraph offices, and from these communicated on a single sheet about four inches square to all who care to receive it.

Behind them straggled out, for half a mile or more, their line of black porters carrying blankets and waterproof sheets.

This fragmentary ice-sheet, and the immense glaciers about Mount St. Elias, together with the multitude of separate river-like glaciers that load the slopes of the coast mountains, evidently once formed part of a continuous ice-sheet that flowed over all the region hereabouts, and only a comparatively short time ago extended as far southward as the mouth of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, probably farther.

Sinners, preliminary to being plunged into the fiery furnace, are laid out on these beds and wrapped in damp sheets by chambermaids regularly attached to the establishment.

In one corner was spread a coarse sheet with a couple of pillows against the wall, upon which the silent Mahomedan bade us by a sign recline; in the opposite corner a 'panja', a species of altar smothered in jasmine wreaths and surmounted by a bunch of peacock's feathers; and immediately in front of this an earthen brazier of live charcoal.

God has given me a pretty sheet of water, that suits my fancy and wants, a beautiful sky, fine green mountains, and I am satisfied.

It was a large sheet of paper, yellow with age, with folds cut by wear, on which was drawn boldly a symbolical tree, whose branches spread and subdivided into five rows of broad leaves; and each leaf bore a name, and contained, in minute handwriting, a biography, a hereditary case.

He took it tenderly in his hands, and from its folds there fell a crumpled sheet of paper.

Human Rights is a monthly sheet of smaller size, and is edited by one of the secretaries.

And now they lie between cool sheets and watch the sisters as they flit among the shadows of cool, shaded wards.

PUNCHINELLO dares the recreant editor of the dirty sheet to do his worst!

264 adjectives to describe  sheets